How can I install cabinets in a half wall?

Linda R
by Linda R


I have a half wall between my kitchen and living room. I'd like to put a breakfast bar on it and put some cabinets for storage under the bar in the same wall. I figure the beast way for the cabinets to sit is with them opening into the kitchen. The kitchen is small, about 10' x 11' .

It's not a load-bearing wall--it runs perpendicular to the roof ridge and the condo sits on a slab. But, it does have an electrical outlet about 32 inches in from one side.

The top of the wall, where the breakfast bar would sit, is 58.5" wide long and 12 inches wide and the wall is 43 inches high (58.5" l x 12" w x 43" h).

Any suggestions for the easiest way--and most cost-efficient--to do that, or something similar? My skill level is about medium level, I'd say. I'm definitely not Norm Abram material, but I ain't no slouch with a set of tools either.

I look forward to your ideas.

Thanks a bunch!


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