How can I update my kitchen on a small budget?

I want to update my kitchen But have a really small budget. I want to update the color of the cabinet, the counters need updated and I want a backsplash. painting the room is the easy part. How can I update the space, on a budget and it look professional?
q how can i update my kitchen on a small budget
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  • Mimi Mimi on Jun 14, 2018
    hi there! Well, I would say this is easy! The ceiling lights are a great start, they beautiful, take your vision from there.

    My thoughts:

    Declutter: clear away anything you do not use on a daily basis. Put away all the nik naks aka dust collectors.

    Then as you mentioned, paint the walls (although I love that color green and it goes with the metal of the lights). I personally would leave the wall color And paint the cabinets in a light/pale green to brighten the space. Attach stainless steel or nickel knobs. I just found rectangle brushed nickel on clearance for $1.00 each, so shop around.

    The counter tops can be: faux painted and sealed (not my choice), concrete overlay, epoxy resin overlay,..etc. possibilities are endless, just do your homework and make sure it’s food safe.

    Back Splash with aluminum flashing. You can find in the building supply area of HD or L.

    Then buy or make seat cushions to go with wall color, not matchy matchy. You can use pillow cases, throw rugs, napkins from dollar store. Also coordinate a hand towel, sink rug.

    Sit back and enjoy your new space!

  • Deb Deb on Jun 14, 2018
    yes, de-clutter.. you will be amazed at how it looks! and also, if you don't need the tablecloth to cover the table--take it off.. if the table needs some work, you can always look on Hometalk for an idea!!! I would paint the cabinets white and let the walls that pretty green!!! It is not hard to paint the cabinets at all!!!

    • Mimi Mimi on Jun 14, 2018
      White cabinets would be great! I forgot to mention clearing the table and placing a vase with flowers. Also the window, lighten the look by removing the shears and blinds. Make a Roman shade from fabric and dowels.

  • 27524803 27524803 on Jun 14, 2018
    To start... I would consider adding display cabinets above the existing ones. use glass doors in some or not.... or just moving these up all the way... you could add an open shelf under them if you still need a place to put stuff. Consider putting a glass insert in one or more of the existing upper doors...Paint the cabinets white, light gray or cream but you could do a two color scheme if you wanted... white/cream uppers and med gray lowers.... you could overlay the counter tops with a concrete product... or with one of the new large format tiles now available.. sizes like 24 X 36.. or 24 X 48.. and looks like wood, concrete or marble... but they are ceramic... an interesting back splash.. faux tin tile, bead board, or just stenciled with paint.
    You could paint the floor tile and stencil it to look like encaustic tile (Google search: encaustic tile... choose the "more images" selection)
    Elbow grease is tiring but cheap... and paint can do a lot of things...
    Check out or or for ideas.... then adapt what you like to your kitchen and your budget.

  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Jun 14, 2018
    Although I love all of the previous ideas, I'm going to give you my spin. OK so small budget,always buy quality paint don't go for inexpensive paint the job will not come out well. Luckily you don't appear to have much wall space! ☺ Next the cabinets, have never painted them so I can only offer an opinion, I would never paint cabinets that are in great condition like yours appear to be. Yes I want to try on my oak vanity that's 35 yrs old but you see I have nothing to lose I am prepared to buy a vanity if I don't like it or it doesn't hold up. What I would invest bulk of money is on counter tops. I personally don't like natural stone because of the upkeep and durability. Stone sounds durable yet, it stains and you have to be careful with products you use to clean, if you are prepared for that great if not stick with a laminate. I had mine made but you can order through any home store just have them come out and measure and if keeping sink they need to cut hole as well as for faucet so if you plan on keeping great if you want to update or want new then have them before you order couter tops so that they know the size. Although you can find many counter tops already at stores in various sizes you will have to finish of ends which theydo have that as well as cut holes. That's the part that makes me order mine because if they make a mistake they are responsible not you. Now you have a lot of counter space so you may want to just do the raised area that you have to coordinate with the rest and highlight it I would do it all but I understand budgets. Add pulls to cabinets. I love the glass insert idea that changes the entire look and I wouldn't be surprised if just painting walls adding pulls and adding inserts wouldn't be enough to get a whole new look. Since you have an eat at counter why have a table jammed over in that space ,just because there is a window? And put garbage can over there or in one of the pantries. Or get a stainless steel one to match metal on light fixture. Maybe can be done with contact paper do something to change it from a black spit. The room appears dark and stuffed but that's probably because your cabinets are not organized. But if you truly need more space,then put something with drawers or buy a cabinets off the floor at home store and get a butcher block top for it then you can either use it for kneading dough or since you have a window remove curtains at least heavy ones and just leave sheers but place pretty containers with herbs in them to grow and use when cooking. So you can gain space for your clutter and have a piece of furniture that appears either built in if you get same base cabinet as you have or you can paint it white like doors and trim add casters and roll around to use during parties to place food or plates and cutlery on or make into a mini bar. Heck you can probably make one with instructions from this site since these have to be some of the most creative ppl around and you can make a mini bar or coffee station. Just remove table and curtain sit at counter. That's what it's meant go so use it. But I wouldn't paint cabinets. As for color since you said that was easy I take it you have something in mind and that's grest. But you didn't tell us so we can't help you coordinate stuff. Clearly if you have a cool tone in mind then replacing counter tops a must because they appear to be a light warm shade. If your sticking with a warm shade paint part if not all of your kitchen first to see if this doesn't help. As for back spkadh, well I'm not a fan but if I had to pick I would pick a subway tile they never go out of style. Always white for me. It's just classic regardless if you like super modern or country its a chameleon. Good luck and think long and hard and put bulk of budget in the thing you absolutely can't stand.

  • Flipturn Flipturn on Jun 26, 2018
    Your kitchen looks to me to be quite new. However, in my opinion as it is now, looks cluttered, disconnected, and unsettling. The lightening is extremely harsh and shadowy. This style of lighting has flood light style bulbs. They give light to small limited areas. I would also guess that they are likely halogen or incandescent,(?) which emit heat.
    What you need to integrate all the areas in the whole room are fixtures that cast softer light overall. New lightweight LED ceiling light fixtures can be easily hooked up to the wires when you remove the existing fixtures. LED lights do not give off heat. You can install dimmer switches for one or both of the fixtures so that you can control the amount and intensity of the light according to seasons, time of day, and activities in the kitchen. This change will make a huge difference to the atmosphere of the kitchen, resulting in a calmer, softer, and more inviting space.
    I would dissuade you from painting the cabinets at this time. They look like they are in good condition. Paint and prep materials are not inexpensive, and the results may not meet with your expectations. Adding cabinet knobs though would help to keep the cupboard doors clean.
    I agree with others who have said to clear out all the items that you do not use on a regular basis. Do not have the top of the cupboards as a catch-all area for stuff you do not use. Remove the plant, the tablecloth, and the dowdy curtains as they are dust collectors and they look out of date. Replace with a simply cellular blind.
    Here are some examples of flush-mounted integrated LED light ceiling fixtures: