How do I remove tile from a Formica countertop?


I have tile over a cou tertopthat is supposed to be on the floor its hideous. I want to remove the tile how do I without damaging cou ter

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  • Chances are you won't be able to do this without damaging the formica. Further chances are the formica is already ruined by the mortar or adhesive they used to glue down the tiles. Call it a total loss and save for new countertops.

  • Paige Parker Paige Parker on Dec 29, 2018

    Michele the laminate counter top is made with paper and glued in layers ... if someone has adhered a ceramic tile to its surface then they had to use a mortar cement that is abrasive so I can tell you you will be hammering and chiseling and not get the result you are hoping for. You can check places like the Home Depot and Lowe’s for laminate slabs that range anywhere from $50 for a 4’ to $125 for an 8’ slab... this might be a better idea and less labor.

  • William William on Dec 29, 2018

    Laminate counters are quite resilient. A hammer and chisel should do the job. Just break up the tile with a hammer. Use the chisel where needed and to scrape off any adhesive.

  • I agree with Naomi here, you'll likely damage the counters in removing the tile. You can certainly give it a try and hopefully we're wrong, but you may want to think about replacement instead.