I am planning to update my kitchen cabinets. Any suggestions?

I'm using burlap and fabric to cover the doors, which show wear. I want to replace the hardware, too, but just recently realized the door handles are glued on, not screwed. This is pressed wood. Any suggestions on how to get the handles off without damaging the doors even more? Thanks!

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  • Gina Gina on Jun 25, 2018
    A hairdryer is great for melting glue. Lift as you heat and they should pop off quite easily. Any residue left, app,y a rub of cooking oil an drink leave for a few hours or untill it wipes off clean. It really does work. Just a bit of patience waiting for the oil to seep into any residue left.

    • Lindsey Lindsey on Jun 25, 2018
      Thank you. I didn't think of that. But they've been on the doors since 1988, so I'm not sure if anything will work. Worth a try, though.

  • Janice Janice on Jun 25, 2018
    Hi Lindsey, you might try using a blow dryer or a heat gun (often used in removing linoleum tiles) to heat up the area around the handle to soften the old glue and then try prying the handle off with some sort of scraper if you can get it under one edge of the handle. If that works, then do on the remaining doors. It may be very time consuming. Your project sounds interesting! Hope this works for you, I've not done this myself.

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    • Sara Laya Sara Laya on Jun 26, 2018
      Good luck! I'd love to see the project when you do it!