I need a backsplash in my kitchen - how can I do this easily?


I do not want to do tiles as I believe all the cutting of them would be too difficult for me. I am considering using paint sticks and cutting off the curvy end of them and doing it like tile with a strong glue and some nails. Would this be safe behind a stove? Also, which is the better finish for it -- a white semi gloss or a transparent white stain? I was also considering those Peel and stick wall tiles in either the vintage tin or white subway tile, but they do seem costly. Are they worth the investment? Which way is easier for the install? (I am fairly crafty and have tackled a number of projects) I do have a rotary saw and a dremel which can be used for cutting the paint sticks.

What would have the best appeal for when I sell my home in about a year or 2? My kitchen has recently been redone and looks great but still needs the backsplash.

Would love to hear your opinion, suggestions and recommendations

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