If You Lived In Southfork, How Would You Remodel This Kitchen?

DALLAS is back! (And rocking the ratings!) Bobby & Ann would invite you in to Southfork, but they may be a little embarrassed about their kitchen...
Aside from the Viking Dual Fuel range, we were SORELY disappointed in the Southfork kitchen. Pretend you were hired by Ann Ewing; how would you remodel this kitchen? Post your ideas and see our answer here: http://bit.ly/LS027L
q if you lived in southfork how would you remodel this kitchen, home decor, kitchen design, When you think of decorating Dallas style you can t help but picture white columns dark rich woods paneling crystal chandeliers and a bit of gaudy opulence Given this we might have made a few different choices for the kitchen on set
When you think of decorating Dallas style, you can't help but picture white columns, dark rich woods, paneling, crystal chandeliers, and a bit of gaudy opulence. Given this, we might have made a few different choices for the kitchen on set.
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  • 3po3 3po3 on Jun 15, 2012
    It's a lot nicer than my kitchen. I certainly would have no trouble cooking in it.

  • Vicki S Vicki S on Jun 16, 2012
    Starting with updated counter top material is a start. The double oven seems in a bit of an odd spot but it may be the only place for it. If a higher end budget was/ is possible I would say the double oven needs to be moved ( maybe updated model also) and put next to the range. It is hard to tell from the picture if the island is the only counter work space there is. If it is not, then I think changing its shape and size to a bit smaller, but still workable space would help the kitchen ( as it appears in photo) to not be so cramped feeling.

  • Agreed, Steve. Comparisons are all relative! But we're living in the imaginary Dallas world, just for this conversation... Great observations, Vicki. It does appear that the double oven is all by itself over there with no landing space around it. We don't see cooking scenes looking very practical in this kitchen. However, it's prime for some pot-throwing fights!!

  • Margaret Bowen Margaret Bowen on Oct 16, 2016
    To much clutter for me!!