How to finish playroom , kitchen, small restroom on a budget?

I started putting in banquet seating in playroom, wanted to do that in kitchen too. I have 3 kids , single mom, just ran out of money due to unforeseen circumstances. I can’t get ahead of to finish because something always comes up. My kids come first but this old house is dragging me down with lack of insulation giving all money to electric bill. HELP
q need help finishing playroom kitchen small restroom all attached
Small bathroom needs little TLC

q need help finishing playroom kitchen small restroom all attached
q need help finishing playroom kitchen small restroom all attached
Playroom, cold, no insulation.
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  • Liv Liv on Jun 14, 2018

    To give your bathroom some love (cheaply):
    Get a new shower curtain
    Get a Vanity Mirror (Kirklands has nice ones for $30)

    To jazz up you bathroom wall use free printable wall art.

    Go on Pinterest to find plans to build easy Pallet shelves- This can help clear up clutter and look awesome in the playroom and bathroom. You can easily get pallets for free.

    It also sounds like you try really hard to take good care of your kids, and probably could use extra well deserved relaxation, so here are tips on how to make your bedroom nicer for free.

  • Sharon Sharon on Jun 14, 2018
    You can try Freecycle for free materials and household goods, I've used it extensively to get things for my clients. Its used items people want to recycle for free versus dumping them. I've gotten flooring, doors, furniture, cookware, you name it.... pick your state, then your town or closest one, and then join it. You put up posts.... Wanted: what your looking for and if anyone has the item they will email you.

  • Amanda Amanda on Jun 14, 2018
    Hi Missy. Check and see if you have a resell shop that has building materials in your area. Keep your eyes open at Goodwill for fabrics to finish the seating, maybe a cabinet or mirror for the bathroom. Some home improvement stores also have a area with paints that have been mixed wrong or returned that they sell at a low cost. In winter I would invest in 3M window film. It is easy to put on and helps heating bills a ton in the cold months. I also purchased thermal curtains that help keep the heat in and cold out. Keep your eyes open for these items on clearance. I wish you luck. Take one project at a time.

  • Rose Broadway Rose Broadway on Jun 14, 2018
    Your first priority must be to insulate your home. Keeping your children warm is more important than having seating in their play room. Children like to sit on the floor, so maybe use the money for a heavy floor pad and a large rug.
    I know you're doing the best you can, but you may be able to use some help. Call churches and tell them you need insulation in your home. If they don't have a group that helps with that, ask if they know anyone that does.
    Take advantage of garage sales and thrift stores. They have children's toys, furniture and clothing.
    For the time being, keep your children well. After you get your home prepared for winter, then you can take any extra money and build the things you want. Bless you, let me know how you do.

  • Mlle LaFleur Mlle LaFleur on Jun 14, 2018
    A long term solution to so many house fixing problems is taking the time to learn new skills. Insulating walls excluded perhaps. I suggest working with someone who is skilled at painting (walls and furniture) so that you make the best use of expensive tools and materials when you do it on your own. Also learning how to stretch and staple gun new covers for the banquette or other hard seating is a very economical solution: the cost of a staple gun and fabrics from thrift stores or sales at regular stores. Think beauty and function. Your children will be helpful in many of the tasks any project requires as well as inspired by their Mom 'can do' attitude. Good luck.

  • Linda Linda on Jun 17, 2018
    Contact your welfare dept. They may help you qualify for heat assistance. Its OK. No shame in helping your kids!