Quickest Easiest ways for kitchen renovation

Need to gut and remodel, small, needs flooring, and cupboards, big mess!! I hate my so-called kitchen, can't afford much..
q quickest easiest ways for kitchen renovation
Living with this for 5yrs. HELP!!
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  • Shelley Stark Shelley Stark on Jun 21, 2018
    Setting cupboards is relatively easy. Just need to be level. Use shims for that. They sell precut countertops with the hole for sink already cut. I suggest the type with built-in backsplash. Use a good latex caulking for sealant. Don't know what kind of flooring u will be using, but there are nice, inexpensive laminates out there. Just lay flooring before u put up any mopboards, so flooring will be under mopboards. Best of luck.

  • Sherry Cohen Sherry Cohen on Jun 22, 2018
    First, declutter. You can live without a dishrack. (I do because I have very little counterspace.) Move the plants. Remove the curtain to bring in more light. Once you get rid of things you may not need, you can start on the rest. Try open shelving. (Forces you to keep only your nicest things!) Paint your cabinets. Replace your countertops and backsplash. Put a small kitchen cart under the window. Laminate floors won't cost much because you have a small area. Alternatively, find a long, narrow rug to detract from the dated floor. If you have a free wall right outside the kitchen, make a pantry or broom closet with an IKEA armoire.

  • Emily Ann Emily Ann on Jun 22, 2018
    I would declutter. Paint the kitchen cabinets. Go to your local paint store for advice on how to do it. It is a time consuming project but cost-effective and it will make a big difference. I painted my bathroom vanity grey and it loois great. Also put a runner on the floor. I think by only doing these things you will be much happier with your kitchen and it won't cost that much. Good luck!

  • Clinch Clinch on Jun 22, 2018
    First take all the papers off the refrigerator. Use a small bulletin board on the side of the cabinet if you have to have those papers in plain sight. Second- Declutter! I know it is easy to think "i need all of this" but if you will just move it out you may find that you don't need it. Third put a couple or more long low shelves under the window - use boards and cinder blocks to make them if you have to. boards and cinder blocks can be painted. Fourth get a carpet runner for the floor or stencil some of the tiles with paint or just paint some of the tiles solid if you want a different look to the floor. If you are creative you could paint a "rug" on the floor. Fifth - get rid of the drain rack or put it into the sink and use it that way. or dry and put away dishes right away then store the dish rack out of sight. is there a blank wall to the right of the window? If so you could put hooks on the wall to hold mops, brooms ,things like that. or get a shallow cabinet with shelves to use as a pantry (this is what i have done. i believe i got it at walmart). or continue up the wall with homemade shelves. or put a couple of rows of hooks and use them to hang pots and pans and then use the cabinet you had your pots and pans in as pantry space or to store some of the countertop appliances. ( i did that too) or if you have pretty dinnerware use the shelves to holds your glasses, cups, plates, and bowls ( i did this too)
    I tried to think of some suggestions that would be cheap and easy. I have actually incorporated most of these ideas into my small kitchen. Good luck!