Advice on how to change our cabinets without damaging them?

We have nice granite counters but bad builder grade cabinets, but we would like to reuse them!
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  • Carol Jungmann-Crump Carol Jungmann-Crump on May 29, 2017
    Paint them! Take doors off for open shelving

  • Wow, in order to reuse the cabinets elsewhere, first you have to take the granite countertops off. When this is done, there is generally no guarantee that they will not be damaged in the process. Do you want to take that risk? Then the cabinets also need to be removed carefully, (some contractors charge extra for this as it takes more time), and new ones need to be installed and then the granite needs to be replaced/reinstalled.

    Another thing to consider is your flooring. What if the new cabinets are deeper or shallower than what you are taking out? Are you prepared to replace that too if need be?

    If money is not a concern and you are willing to chance the granite removal, go for it!

    If it sounds daunting, or cost is a concern, it might be easier to paint or rework what you have.

  • Another thought would be to reface what you currently have and get new doors and hardware. A good contractor can address any "inside the cabinet" issues you may have or amenities you may wish to add.