Small Kitchen Budget Remodel

When I bought this house it needed almost everything and the kitchen was no exception. First I added glossy 16" ceramic tile on a diagonal pattern to create visual interest and a look of more space. The appliances are all Amana and Whirlpool which are a really good value for the money. The counter tops are actually laminate but the added rolled edge makes them look like granite...they fool everyone but I don't have to maintain them like granite and they were half the price. The backsplash is a sand tile capped with a 2 inch edge of square glass tile which I bought for less than $5 a square foot and cut them into 2 inch strips then I bought cheap wood trim and sprayed it with Rustoleum metalic bronze spray then when dry spritzed it with Rustoleum silver just enough to make it look like a metal trim and I topped the glass tiles with the faux metal trim. I had no money left for refacing the cabinets so they turned out to be the real budget item. I mitered and glued narrow trim 2 inches inside of each door to create the illusion of an inset cabinet door. I decided to paint them dark color to tie in with the counter tops but I used a high gloss paint so they would reflect lots of light. Then I added stainless hardware that I bought on e-bay for a fraction of the regular cost. Thanks for looking.
I'm not finished yet. I need to finish my tile work and remove the post above the stove. I would like to add a chrome hanging wine glass holder up there and maybe add wire mesh or smoked glass doors. I also have since added a small round pot hanger over the stove area and it works really well in such a small space.
Small pot hanger
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  • By Brittany Goldwyn By Brittany Goldwyn on Feb 09, 2016
    I love this's always great to see cost-effective makeovers that are realistic for most people! I love the counter tops. You are right--they would have fooled me.

    • Jeanette R Jeanette R on Feb 09, 2016
      @Brittany @by Brittany Goldwyn Thank you Brittany. I get that comment about the counter tops all of the time and I had company the other day that took a good long stare at the cabinets and she could not believe that they were not inset doors. lol

  • Haroon Haroon on Nov 13, 2016
    Very nice and very modern look now. Great transformation.