Top 5 Wall Colors For Oak Cabinets Part 2

Wow! My last post regarding what colors go with Oak or Amber toned wood cabinets really got some attention and brought on so many questions from all of you so I decided to do a follow up. With lots of pictures this time! If you missed it click here...
Golden Oak was ubiquitous in the 1980s, and now many people are facing the choice of whether to replace these cabinets or remodel around them–and many of the cabinets are still in good shape. As a NJ Home Stager I see them all the time and try whenever possible to work with them in order to save the seller money.My Top 5 Colors were chosen because they are basically fool proof with Oak cabinets. I prefer to know specifics (flooring, backsplash, adjacent rooms) whenever possible but The Top 5 will work with the majority of Oak kitchens out there.You asked to see more examples of blues, greens and grays in actual kitchens.
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Source Unknown Try Benjamin Moore Pleasant Valley for a similar look
Source Unknown Try Benjamin Moore Stained Glass or Sherwin williams Honest Blue for lighter cabinets like these
Source is Houzz Cloudless SW6786 from Sherwin-Williams
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  • Queen Bee Queen Bee on Aug 01, 2020

    What color from the 3 you provided would you suggest? We have busy granite blacks,greys, golden colors. Oak honey cabinets with the knots. Stone back splash and travertine floors. We sampled Sherman Williams Riverway and bunglehouse blue and can't decide. We want to go with Red Cent for our living room?

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  • Queen Bee Queen Bee on Aug 01, 2020

    We have oak cabinets with the knots and all. I don't care if people think it's dated. I love real wood. We have busy granite grey,black, golden colors. Which we thought matched the golden cabinets. Would of preferred lighter granite but settled. Have light travertine floor and stone back splash. Kitchen is a dark yellow color that was here before we re-did the kitchen. I like darker colors, more pop. With all that being said what would look Best the green or blue. I love the colors you provided.