11 Ways to Add Decor to Your Laundry Room

Decorate your laundry room by adding decorative laundry room signs, decorative baskets, extra shelves, a small table, or even do a complete renovation and turn the room into a vintage laundry room. There is a little something for every taste and style in this 11 laundry room decor ideas. If you are looking to spruce up your laundry room with something new and fun, check out these 11 laundry room decor ideas that you to have to make today! Let’s get started!

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11 Ideas for Laundry Room Decorating

Is your laundry room a little blah and boring? Then you need to check out these 11-laundry room decorating ideas that range from a simple laundry room sign to a complete laundry room renovation! You can make some of the laundry room decor items yourself, buy them at your local big box stores, or even find some rare treasures at antique and flea markets. These 11 laundry room decor ideas are great because you can customize the project to fit your budget, style, and size of your laundry room from large or small. Click below to see all these wonderful tutorials so you can transform the decor of your laundry room today. 

1) Modern Farmhouse Laundry Room Decor

Baskets and bold color are a great way to add some decor to your laundry room. Picking a series of baskets that are all of the same colors and adding labels to the front is a fun and functional farmhouse style laundry room decor idea. To elevate the farmhouse style of this laundry room, paint the cabinets to match the baskets and add a wall hanging to bring it all together. In this room, she picked a bold blue, but a tan, black, red, or even gold would look stunning to make this laundry room decor the perfect fit for your house. An added bonus to the baskets is now all your laundry sundries are out of sight and it looks a little cleaner and organized!

Laundry Room Decor Ideas (Jenn Marsh)

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2) Loose Change Laundry Room Decor Sign

Finding those coins in the pockets of shorts and pants or even in the bottom of the washer or dryer will always happen, so why not create a laundry room decor sign to collect all that loose change? This is such a cute and easy idea that adds a fun ambiance to the room and it serves a purpose! Paint the mason jar in your favorite color, or even leave it clear and add it to your favorite color of wood for a cute laundry room decor sign that the whole family will want to check. You can even make a junk jar sign for all those other rand items you find like golf tees, toys, and other little bits that can be found while doing the wash.

Laundry Room Decor Signs (Linda @ Mixed Kreations)

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3) Vintage Style Laundry Room Decor

Want to really change the look of your laundry room and go from drab to fab? This laundry room was transformed using a vintage style laundry room decor theme complete with copper sink, tin tile cabinets, and various signs and little trinkets that complete the vintage vibe of this room. Turn your laundry room into a treasure hunt at the antique markets for fun items you can decorate and make the spacious laundry room vintage decor chic!

Vintage Laundry Room Decor (Liz Malone Gerron)

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4) Budget-Friendly Laundry Room Decor

Decorating your laundry room does not have the break the bank. Adding a platform below the washer and dryer adds a beautiful look, but also functions as a storage area when you add a shallow basket into the space. Plus, you can add in your own cabinets and shelves onto an empty wall or above the washer and dryer to help contain laundry and cleaning supplies and decorative baskets help control the clutter! Some pretty signs and hooks on the wall in the color of your choice and you have a completely new look that does not cost a ton with these simple laundry room decorating ideas.

Decorating a Laundry Room on a Budget (The Rozy Home)

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5) Laundry Room Basket Decor

Organizing is one of the easiest ways to add decor to your laundry room. Pick out a set of bins or containers that suit your style, like these natural baskets, wire bins, and galvanized bins. The bins give the laundry room decor a very modern style, plus it is very functional to help keep all the cleaning supplies in place but out of sight. Add a little sign to each basket so you know what is inside!! Pair the bins with a pop of color on the walls and a little curtain if you have a window in a soft color to make the space welcoming.

Laundry Room Accessories Decor (Tricia @ Simplicity in the South)

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6) Rolling Laundry Cart Decor

Hate to push your laundry baskets along the floor? Learn how easy it is to make this rolling laundry cart that looks super cute and is very functional. Pick out a collapsible laundry basket to fit with the laundry room decorating you already have in place and add a barrel mover to the bottom to make this super functional laundry basket that has wheels! Make it even more special by painting a fun saying to the front with a stencil and some paint. Who says your laundry room decor can’t be a bit fun?

Laundry Room Decorating Ideas (Rob & Country)

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7) Industrial Farmhouse Laundry Decor

Need some space to hang up your laundry to air dry but want it to look amazing? Look no further than this industrial farmhouse laundry decor wall sign that also functions as a rack to dry your clothes. Add a couple of wooden boxes next to the sign as a cluster with gears and an antique bottle and you have a showstopper farmhouse style laundry room decor set that is super easy to make too! Use an old fence board, a metal pipe, paint, and a stencil and you are set for this amazing sign. Now you have a space in your laundry room where you want to hang up your laundry and this works great for small spaces too!

Farmhouse Laundry Room Decor (Funky Junk Interiors - Donna)

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8) Easy Laundry Room Wall Decor

Want to spruce up your laundry room but want to start somewhere simple and easy, check out these over sized wooden laundry room tags and laundry room decor sign. The tags are so easy to make as all they are is a printable that is glued onto some balsa wood and then hung up! They are paired with an over sized clothespin sign that is also a printable that is then placed into a wooden frame. A little container of real clothespins and a vintage iron gives the vibe of an amazing vintage laundry room decor.

Laundry Room Wall Decor (A Crafty Mix - Michelle)

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9) Floating Shelf Laundry Room Decor

A simple shelf perfectly placed can make all the difference in the feel and style of your laundry room decor. It adds an extra shelf that looks amazing and also gives that extra bit of space that is needed in a small room. As a quick tip, this height of the shelf only works if you have side loading washer and dryer, but if you have a top loading system, just raise up the shelf! In this DIY they used pine wood and stained it with a dark walnut stain, but if that does not suit your style you can paint the wood color like blue or red. This would give a wonderful pop of color that brings in a modern decor style to your laundry room.

Best Laundry Room Decor (Pinspired to DIY)

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10) Painted Laundry Hamper Decor

Upgrading your laundry room decor can be as simple as a little bit of paint! Take our dull and dingy laundry hamper and give it a makeover that will make the entire space look like new! Since these hampers were a bit old and worn, the owners first reinforced the top with some wood to make them sturdier. Then all you need is some paint that works on fabric, give a couple of coats and let it dry. Add some new rope handles and labels to complete the look. Not only is this super thrifty, but it also makes your laundry room decor look amazing!

Laundry Room Decorating Tips (Nancy at Craft Your Happiness)

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11) Mobile Laundry Room Station Decor

Adding extra shelves or cabinet may not always solve the issue of the plastic laundry baskets and where they fit in your laundry room. So why not make a mobile solution that houses 3 laundry baskets and adds an extra shelf in this genius laundry decor idea! Using some plywood, nails, paint, wheels, and 3 plastic laundry baskets you can store this gem anywhere in your laundry room to add that extra shelf and also help in keeping your clothes separated! You can also move this laundry room station decor to another area of the house if needed since it is on wheels, but if you want this to be a permanent fixture in your laundry room just remove the wheels and you have made a wonderful little table! You can even install this same idea of the stackable laundry baskets inside a closet if that works better for you! Check out entry 4 - Budget Friendly Laundry Room Decor to see how the stacking baskets work in a closet.

DIY Laundry Room Decor (Hoosier Homemade)

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There are so many different laundry room decor ideas that you can try today. It can be a small item like a little sign or a complete renovation of the whole room, but they all will add to the decor of your laundry room to make it amazing! I love the range of different ideas that you can make or just buy at a local store by installing shelves, adding cabinets, using or creating baskets, hanging signs, painting the walls to make your laundry room decor shine! These supplies you might already have or can find at your local hardware store.

I love each and everyone one of these laundry room decor projects because they can show that a little elbow grease and some wood or paint are really all it takes to turn either the entire space or just a single wall in your laundry room into something amazing! I can take one idea or a blend of them all to fit with the space I have in my own laundry room and create a room that puts the rest of my house to shame. Plus, now I might want to do my laundry for once since the laundry room is so inviting!

So, head out to your local hardware store, head over to a flea market or antique store, or reclaim some wood from your backyard and make some shelves, signs, or cabinets to spruce up your laundry room decor today!

Do you have an idea for a laundry room decor project? We would love to see it! Upload your laundry room decor on Hometalk today!

Written for the Hometalk community by: Erin Reed

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