DIY Laundry Room Closet Ideas

Ideas for Laundry Room Closets

Make your closets fit your spaces

Get closets that fit in perfectly to the space you have. Making them yourself or getting them custom-built will ensure this happens.

Designate spaces for certain items

Organize your laundry room in a way that suits you. Each section of closet should be allocated to storing a certain thing.

Keep them door-free

Don’t make using this room more awkward than it has to be. Closets without doors are easier to access and don’t get in your way.

Think about the right height

You will want the things that you need to be at different heights. Place different closets exactly where you are going to need them.

Paint them nice and bright

Make your laundry room look bright, clean, and cheerful. White or other light colored closets also add a feeling of spaciousness.

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