Schroeder Design/Build creates a laundry room to literally hang in

Would you ever have thought a laundry room could be so fun? Here is a testimonial from our client
Saturday night our daughter clebrated her 14th birthday, by having 12 girls spend the night......all was going well, loud and rowdy with the occasional scream, then silence. I waited before I walked down stairs, so I would not look like an over protecting mom. I cautiously walked downstairs, to my surprise there were no girls. I walked down the hall. The door to the laundry room was closed, but the light was on.
As I approached the door I could hear a voice or two, as I opened up the door, much to my surprise all 13 girls are in my laundry room. I asked, "Why are you all in my laundry"? They shouted "we love your laundry room it's so bright, cool and welcoming....not to mention there was a fair amount of food"
Schroeder Design/Build creates a laundry room you can hang in
Schroeder Design/Build before picture of laundry room

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  • Tina L. F Tina L. F on Jul 06, 2014
    Love this laundry room. I wish mine was like this. Mine is in my attached (4 steps down) heated garage. It gets so dusty when the garage doors are open in the summer; not to mention the spiders and their meals on a web plan. If I had cabinets with doors for all the cleaning supplies instead of an open shelf only, it wouldn't be so bad.