Kitchen Shelf and Towel Rack

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My house is 107 years old and my kitchen is a galley style. The stackable washer/dryer and hot water heater are also in here!! (Can I get 5 more feet please!) I need all the storage space I can muster!

I found this funky and rusty metal shelf at a garage sale and figured i could make it work SOMEWHERE! Plus, I scored big when i found this wooden spice rack with the metal embellishment. So cool!

I cleaned the metal shelf really good and spray painted it copper to match my backsplash. Once it was dry I took a 2-pack of long velcro strips and stuck them onto the shelf and made sure they were adhered to it well. Next I just decided how high i wanted it to be (so my hand towel could hang) and used brute force to hold it in place for about a minute before letting go.

I knew i shouldn't put anything heavy on it, since it's stuck on the dryer which moves a bit when in use. So I decided on my colorful towels and an empty coffee can. It's never fallen off once!

Al I did to the Spice Rack was clean it. My husband screwed it to the wall for me, just high enough that I can reach the spices and I can also fit my pasta containers below.
I forgot to take before pictures. Sorry. This shows that the dryer/washer is RIGHT next to my sink.
Copper color on the shelf and attached to the dryer. I just made sure I got all the curls and crevices painted with two coats. Then let dry for a couple hours.
TaDaaaa! Less clutter in my drawer and a pop of color to the kitchen!
Like I said, all I did was clean the spice rack really good. The middle has a recipe box, but I don't have anything in there. So cute on the wall!
Suggested materials:
  • Copper spray paint   (WalMart)
  • Velcro strips   (WalMart)
  • Shelf   (Garage Sale)
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