Linen & Burlap Stockings {DIY Tutorial}

I needed something to dress up my mantle, so I dug into my fabric stash and came up with these lovelies. By far one of my favorite Christmas decorations in the house! So easy and fun.
Linen & Burlap Stocking Tutorial
Linen Fabric (about 3/4 yard)
Burlap (about 1/4 yard)
Thread to match linen
Hot glue
Optional: Ribbon to hang the stockings (I used blue gingham)
-Cut a stocking shape from paper (I use rolls of mailing paper from Dollar Tree)
-Fold your fabric in two and pin your paper shape onto those two layers.
-Trace around the stocking shape with a fabric pencil (so you can see the lines). Then cut out your two stocking shapes together.
-Pin your stocking sides (right sides) together, paying extra attention to the heel and toe. This part is trickiest to sew, so I used a lot of pins to help.
-Sew around the sides and bottom of the stocking. Don't sew the top closed! Don't worry about the raw edge on the top; you're going to cover it with burlap anyway.
-Turn the stocking inside-out so your seams are now on the inside. Use a pencil or another long, thin object to push out the stubborn parts.
-Determine how much burlap you need by lining it up around the stocking. I cut 4" wide strips, then wrapped them around the stockings. Cut out the burlap, erring on the longer side, just in case you need a little more.
-Using a hot glue gun, glue the front of the burlap on first, so you can make sure it looks the way you want.
-Once you finish with the front, glue the excess onto the back. You don't have to be as careful here, since it won't be seen, so just do what you can to secure it, taking care that the front still looks right (which shouldn't be a problem because it's already glued).
-Trim off any excess burlap or strings. I added loops by hot gluing twine inside the top seam of the heel side. Then I secured them onto the gingham ribbon by tying knots. This step isn't necessary, but they kept sliding around and the spacing was driving me crazy, so I just decided to create a more permanent solution.

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