Love Thou Couch!

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I found this gem on the Craigslist.

Original couch

The fabric on the back was new, and the pillows were new. But when I was unloading it from the truck, I found a lot of old dirt and dust under the seat pillows, the new fabric on was attached to the back in a very sloppy untidy way. I decided to re-upholster the couch myself.

Bare bones of the couch

This is the couch without any fabric. It was good that I removed the fabric. When I looked inside, some wooden parts were broken, and a few metal connection parts got loose - it would not be safe to sit on. I tightened the screws and re-attached the connection plates. I cleaned the inside, re-stapled the foam.

The original color of the couch frame was beige. I painted it white using Home Decor Sheepskin chalk paint. When the frame was dry, I put Home Decor clear wax to create protective layer.

The couch with the back removed

I was working on the couch in my garage. When it was time to re-upholster, I decided to bring it inside. Bummer! The couch was too wide and its back was too high - no way it would not go through the garage door or the front door. We had to use a saw and cut the top of the back off - it was the only way to bring the couch in.

Ready for fabric

The top of the couch back had been re-attached and the couch was ready to be re-upholstered. I actually did it twice. The first time I chose white satin with beige floral pattern. But when I finished re-upholstering, the couch looked ABSOLUTELY BORING, white frame and white fabric. So for attempt #2 I chose brighter colors.

This is the new fabric I found for the couch. The picture does not do justice, but the fabric colors are actually gold with red flowers and green leaves.

And this is the red and gold trim.

Couch re-upholstered

Ta-da!!! Here is the re-upholstered couch. For the seat cushion I actually used the back side of the fabric. It is brown with gold flowers and green leaves. I figured my dog would sit on the couch, and dirt or dust will not be so noticeable on darker fabric.

The couch with pillows.

I had a few fabric pieces left and made the pillows. I think it turned out real nice!

Our dog loves the couch

My dog loves the couch!

This project turned out to be pricey: I bought the couch for $150, fabric for $150, paint and other supplies about $100. And it took me about 2 months to finish the project.

Suggested materials:

  • Home Decor Sheepskin chalk paint
  • Home Decor clear wax
  • Fabric

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  • William William on May 31, 2021

    Beautiful job. Looks amazing. Great save.

  • Judy Ervin Judy Ervin on May 31, 2021

    If you would have turned the couch on end, it would fit through the door easily. Too late on this project but for future remember small couches will fit through on their ends.

    • Elli Elli on Jun 01, 2021

      I like doing it the hard way:))

      But the truth is we tried, turning and flipping the couch different ways. We even tried to remove one panel of the patio door - but removing one panel was not wide enough. We would have to remove the whole patio door. At the end we solved the problem. But I have promised to myself, when/if I buy any piece of furniture, I for sure will measure it first.

      Thank you for checking out my post and for the tip!