Natural Curtain Rods

3 Materials
4 Hours
I wanted some curtain rods that would go with the beaver-chewed wood headboard that I made five years ago. I had two windows to cover.
This is the headboard that I wanted to complement with matching curtain rods.
First, you must know that my hubby and I have been gathering up interesting bits of driftwood and beaver-chewed wood for years. We keep the pieces in an airy wood shed and I usually wait a year or so for them to be very dry. I got two interesting sticks - this is one of them. They're both birch sticks with lots of beaver tooth marks on them. I trimmed off any really protruding knobs and lightly sanded it all down to get rid of small burrs.
The most time-consuming part of this project was finding the brackets. I cut down some cedar branches, stripped off the bark and found four nice Y shaped pieces. Then I cut the bases at an angle. It took some fiddling around to get the angle right because each piece has its own character. I pre-drilled little holes and then screwed them into the wall.
After threading the curtains onto the stick I laid the rod onto the brackets and secured them at the ends with some leather shoe strings. Then I dabbled some paint on the screws so they' blend in.
All done! The curtains have those nice big grommets so they easily slide along the rods.

Suggested materials:

  • Found wood   (Lake and woods)
  • Screw nails   (Hardware store)
  • Leather shoe laces   (department store)

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  • Mar15863369 Mar15863369 on Jun 26, 2017
    Where did she get the curtains at with holesat the top?

  • Mar15863369 Mar15863369 on Jun 26, 2017
    Where did she get the curtains with holes at the top and what was the texture of the material she used??


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