Farmhouse-Chic Fireplace Makeover

3 Materials
Don’t you just love this mantle? Briar-Rose from Rustic Reclaimed used our limited edition color, Crinoline topped with Graphite Glaze to rejuvenate the beauty of this stunning piece!
I’m so excited to be here today to share the fun journey I had with this fireplace. Thanks so much Country Chic Paint for having me!

I really lucked out on this piece. A friend was literally getting ready to throw it to the curb when my mama & hubby went to rescue it for me. They had to take it apart for it to fit in our trunk so it came to me in pieces. My mom was kind enough to help me get it back together and I went straight to work. Here’s what it looked like before:
As you can see from the before photo, “someone” (I’m not here to name names) cut the original trim to fit in a larger insert. It was a very rough cut. I measured out some trim we had on hand and nailed it in place. It was actually a pretty quick fix.

I painted the entire thing with a few coats of Crinoline. One of Country Chic Paint’s limited edition spring / summer colours. It’s a beautiful crisp white.

I used my go-to Country Chic Paint Oval Paint Brush. It’s my absolute favourite as it really gives a flawless finish without having to sand out any brush strokes.
I sat staring at the painted fireplace for a week trying to decide if I would leave it stark white or detail the accents with some of Country Chic Paint’s Furniture Glaze in Graphite. I even took the poll to our Facebook & Instagram accounts asking friends what they would do. The general vote was pretty even but it was definitely leaning in the direction of leaving it stark white. It was lovely but next to everything else in the room it was just lacking that pop I knew it could have. I opted to go with the glaze & I am SO happy that I did.
The glaze was a dream to work with. It was easy to apply and easy to wipe off, leaving the glaze just where I wanted it. Working in small sections, I used my oval paint brush and a smaller paintbrush to get into all of the details. I used a soft microfiber cloth and warm water to remove the excess glaze. Because this was black on white and I didn’t want any excess hanging around, I kept a bucket of warm water nearby to rinse the cloth after every few wipes.

The finish is still a beautiful crisp white but the glaze really gave it that pop of dimension I was hoping for when I first had a vision for this piece.

Suggested materials:

  • All-in-One Decor Paint   (Country Chic Paint)
  • Glaze   (Country Chic Paint)
  • Oval Paint Brush   (Country Chic Paint)

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