Discarded Patio Umbrella Base Into a Cool Pipe Table

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I love upcycling materials and giving them a second chance. When I moved to this house the previous owner left a lot of goodies in the yard. Most people would probably use them for their own purpose (which I did for a while) others would have thrown them away as garbage. But if I see that something is in good shape and can be used for something else, I save them. And this is exactly what I did with this umbrella base.
wrought iron umbrella base
I cleaned the base to get rid of dust, spider webs, and leaves and spray painted the base with a rusty color semigloss paint
Then I selected a 4ft x 2 1/2 in pipe to fit onto the base and a matching size flange to serve as base for the table top. I spray painted the pipe, flange and the screws to match the base color.
pipe and flange
The next step was to assemble the table top. I chose to make a table top using 2x6 lumber. I wanted my table top to be about 18x18in. I also wanted a rustic look so I selected only pieces with knots and other features that most people would reject for general projects. I also used a hammer and other tools to "ding" it a little more.
boards side by side with knots
Once the boards were cut to size and "weathered" it was time to join them.
I used 1x2 strips of wood cut a little shorter than the top and simply screw them onto the "back" of the table top. Be sure to use screws that are shorter than the thickness of the table top and wood strip.
Then it was time to attach the table top to the base. I used hex screws (see above photo-flange). These screws stick out on top of the table but you can certainly make them flush with a flat head screw. I wanted mine to look "industrial" that's why they are sticking out like that.
Final product
After the table top was installed I stained the wood a light color and used a finishing wax to seal it. Since the look I was going for was rustic there was no need for applying a clear coat or anything. I finished the project by adding large nailheads to the sides of the table top because of the design of the room (a Mexican style bar). You can check the entire bar project on my site. I hope you liked this project. I would love to see what you come up with. Cheers!

Suggested materials:

  • 2x6 wood planks   (hardware store)
  • 2in hex screws   (hardware store)
  • Spray paint   (had it from other projects)
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Tatiana (amigas4all.com)
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