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I spend a lot of time on my deck in the summer. It is my go to place to read and relax every evening. The only problem is there is nothing to literally put my feet up on. I always end up dragging my table over to wherever I am sitting. I have had an old foot stool sitting in my basement for years. I imagine at some point and time I had good intentions of doing something with it but honestly it was forgotten about until now. I decided to make it an outdoor foot stool for under $10!!


Outdoor fabric can be pricey and I didn't need a lot so I opted for a cheaper alternative and made a trip to my local Dollarama for a clear table protector and an indoor outdoor table cloth.

Project Supplies

So I opted for this bright blue. If you seen any of my posts on my outdoor furniture you will notice that everything is teal and turquoise with splashes of yellows and reds. So I wanted something to match.

Prep Time

To prep this project I had to remove the legs and the material that was covering it. This was the most daunting part as there were a lot of staples. I removed them using a knife to pry them up and a pair of needle nose pliers.

Cover time

One hour later.... And I am ready to begin recovering.

Step One for Recovering

I am using this plastic table protector to cover the foam on the stool. It will prevent it from getting soaked from the rain. (If we ever get any.. it's been a very dry summer so far)

Measuring and Cutting

I placed the table protector over the foot stool and cut to fit. I left the protector folded so there is two layers.

Staple Time

I turned the foot stool upside down with plastic underneath. Pulling the plastic tight I began stapling in place going around the foot stool. This doesn't have to be perfect as it is just to protect the foam from getting wet.

Step One Complete

So here is the foot stool complete and ready for the fabric.

Step Two

So I did the same thing as before, by placing the fabric over the stool and cutting material to desired length.

Flip over stool with fabric underneath and using a staple gun pull material tight and begin to staple fabric in place. Going around both sides. I left the short ends for last.

Next was to secure the ends. Again pull material taunt and staple. I secured in middle and left the ends.

I folded the corner and stapled in place. Repeat on all 4 sides.

This is what it looks like underneath.

Cover Complete

Here is the stool covered. I'm no upolsterer, but I'm pleased with the job I did. Next it was time to reattach the legs. I thought of painting them, but for now I am going to leave them.

Foot Stool Complete!

Here is my foot stool redone. Love this color!


Just wanted to show you what happens when water is poured on it. The water sits on top and rolls off the material.

Time to put my feet up and relax. I love how this turned out. Overall it was an easy project. The most time consuming was removing the old staples, but well worth it.

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  • Janice Janice on Jul 21, 2020

    Did you waterproof the legs so they don't rot? Between sun and rain anything that I put in my yard deteriorates within a year or two if not protected from the water. I have actually used spray auto paint on some outdoor items. I has lasted for more than a decade on everyting that I put it on an d still going. At the very least you need to put marine varnish on them including the bottom. Cute idea. I have a small stool that I might do this to. Thanks

  • Sandy Sandy on Jul 21, 2020

    Could could you use A THICK SHOWER CURTAIN???? JUST A THOUGHT???? 7-21-20 thanks....GEORGEOUS..... :-)

  • Candace Candace on Jul 21, 2020

    Another suggestion for reupholstering or making a cushion for seating, is using a shower curtain for any outdoor pieces & bed sheets for indoor furniture.

    The picture I’m sharing, is an ottoman I made from old floor speakers. I also made the cushion for it and covered it with a shower curtain, I ordered from Amazon.

    By the way, your foot stool is fabulous!


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  • Marlene Marlene on Jul 21, 2021

    I would have never thought of using the plastic protect the foam. Great idea!

  • Ardale Ardale on Jul 22, 2021

    I don't mean to be hateful or rain on anyone's parade but I agree that you should protect the exposed wood both on the legs and underside of the seat and don't forget to also put a good marine sealer on the bottom of the feet as well because rain water will wick up those legs, so you have in effect ruined a beautiful antique foot stool. If left outside in the elements any untreated wood will mold and rot. While this looks pretty and will be comfortable it is not made for using outside and it would be such a shame to ruin something that has survived so many many years. Old untreated wood is very dry and it will wick moisture out of the air, even when it's not raining. Just a hazy foggy morning is enough to make that wood mold over time and if your area is humid like mine is it will happen even quicker. I'm sorry if I offended anyone. It was not my intention. I just hoped to let people know that antiques are rare and getting rarer so what has survived should be taken care of for future generations to enjoy. If you want to add comfort outside then why not use a newer piece of furniture and not ruin something that has stood the test of time and is well made. Furniture made today will never last as long as that foot stool has. I understand that you want comfort outside as well but you can buy furniture made for outside use or you can make a footstool yourself that is just as pretty but won't hurt if it rots in a couple of years or so and use this one inside where it belongs.