From Futon to Coffee Table

12 Hours
We had a Futon that we were using for our Sofa in our new house that got damaged in our move. So we remade it into a Coffee Table
It was made of a nice white oak that was paint stained with White Wash. One of the legs was cracked straight down the middle in the move to our new house.
We started by disassembling it and what could not be unscrewed was cut with a jig saw. We also had the nice set of legs from our old coffee table that we converted into a new outdoor dining table in my last post.
We hand sanded the planks and I refinished them in the same Ocean Blue Driftwood Finish I used on the Barn Door TV Cubbie cover. We build the top and I put 2 coats of Clear Poly to prevent drink rings etc.
The finish consists of 1 coat of Dove Grey stain, 2 coats of Golden Oak stain by Minwax and then a rag with watered down white paint touched on and then spread in to give it the driftwood appearance.

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