Homemade Coffee Table

I had a hard time finding a quality big coffee table that didn't cost a fortune. I decided to make my own!
I work in IT and servers were shipped on a couple pieces of wood. They were going to be thrown out. I took one home.
Getting a visual idea
Added legs for a better visual
Making miter cuts
Miter cuts completed and tile dry fitted with 1/32" spacers. The tile is timber ash wood from Lowes. We loved the rustic old look.
Aerial view
I removed the trim and mortared the tile. I made lines on plywood for placement of the tile so everything matched up exactly as it did when it was dry fitted.
Once the tile dried, I nailed the trim in place and sanded all the cut edges to give them a smooth look. I pre-drilled holes for the nails to keep the trim from splitting.
I used white wood filler to fill in the gaps in the corners. I also countersunk the nails and filled those holes with wood filler.
Wood filler was sanded down and blue tape was lined in prep for painting.
Legs and trim are painted with white primer. It took 3 coats of primer and between each coat I lightly sanded to keep everything smooth.
Trim is completed. I used Sherwin Williams outdoor oil based paint for the trim.
Painted legs were attached and tile was grouted. I used pearl gray color grout to keep visible lines to a minimum
Finished product!

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