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If you've never heard of Unicorn Spit, it is a non-toxic wood stain that smells like jasmine! It soaks into wood and you can create endless looks using it. You can use a paint brush with it, or just your hands! Since it's non-toxic - you can use it as a "finger paint" wood stain - which also just makes it so fun! You can let the kids play with it and create all sorts of amazing art. But you can also use it for a "professional" furniture finish that gives an old piece of furniture an entire new look! Now I'm going to show you how I applied the Aura Blast technique on an end table using 4 different Unicorn Spit colors.
Last summer I updated our guest room extremely cheaply. One way in which I did it was to paint and update the furniture. I have this end table that I wanted to add a blast of color to, and when I discovered Unicorn Spit, I knew this would be the perfect "update" for one piece in my guest room. Here it is "before" holding a lamp and some tissues.
Materials needed to embellish your end table: Unicorn Spit - I used Zia Teal, Navajo Jewel, Weathered Daydream, and Rustic Reality. An end table that needs new life! You can find one at a thrift store. I found this one for $10 I think at the Christmas Tree Store awhile back. Here is a similar one over on Amazon that needs some color! Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating Aerosol Spray Old towels that you don't mind get stained Spray bottle with water
First of all, to understand the full concept of the Aura Blast technique and how you apply the Unicorn Spit, you should just watch this Hometalk Live Facebook Tutorial: This is the video I watched and got inspired to try it myself. Basically you start by drizzing on the darkest color toward the center of the table first (in this case, Rustic Realtiy,) and you use the side of your hand to push the stain toward the side of the table. Then I squirted some Weathered Daydream and used the side of my hand again to create the "blast" streaks. I just didn't push this color all the way out to the edge of the table.
Then I squirted Navajo Jewel in the middle and again created "blasts" with the side of my hand - and not going out as far as the Weathered Daydream color. The colors will mix together, so you want to make quick strokes that will mix the colors minimally.
Last I created "blasts" with the Zia Teal in the very center. I used just my pointer finger for this part since the area was smaller where I wanted the color. I also used the Zia Teal bottle and directly added a circle of color in the very center and made it the brightest I could.
Here it is when it is all done! Now the cool thing about Unicorn Spit is that it is water soluble. If you mess up, you just get a spray bottle and a damp cloth and you can wipe it off. I'll admit that when I first started using it, I needed a little bit of practice and had to wipe off and start over a few times. Also because Unicorn Spit is water soluble, you will need to cover your project with a varnish so that the color won't easily wash or chip away. I used 2 coats of Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating Aerosol Spray. After letting it dry for 24 hours, I then added my new vase with dried hydrangeas.
Now I have a lovely end table with an added pop of color. It is a one of a kind piece that I love I was able to to embellish all by myself! Have you tried Unicorn Spit? I'd love for you to share your project ideas in the comments! Check out how I also used Unicorn Spit to "distress" dollar store picture frames!

Suggested materials:

  • Unicorn Spit   (
  • Clear acrylic spray   (

Maura White
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  • Michael Michael on May 06, 2018

    i have a small project I want to tackle. I've never used Unicorn Spit before. In fact, this is only the second time I've heard of it. Both times to refurbish old table tops.

    My question is : can you use Unicorn Spit on unfinished wood? Wood that has been prepped and sanded?

  • Kris Ward Kris Ward on May 06, 2018

    Love your table !!!! 😀😀 I bought some Unicorn Spit, am wondering if i can use it on a Lamp Shade and Base ??? Obviously, i havnt gotten to use it yet, so im a bit wary ???!!!!! 🙄😶🙄😶🙄😶


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