From a Window to a Keepsake Coffee Table for My Son

Started out with a wooden 9 pane window someone was throwing away and started covering the glass to protect it.
Once that is done it's time to start stripping the paint. My goal to get it all down to its natural wood... Not an easy task as you know.
All prepped ready to start stripping.
This is the underside of what will soon be a coffee table. It's getting there.
This the top of what will be the coffee table. Decided to paint the trim of the glass in high gloss black to give it a little pop
The edges I pulled out my favorite go to wood stain Unicorn Spit. I love the Blue Thunder so I decided to use a few shades of blue and add some dark orange and green to give it a little bit of some earthy tones.
Using the same colors of Unicorn SPiT Stain I did what will soon be a shelf. This was before I sealed it with Polyurethane.
Lesson learned here, do not seal it with your tape still on. What a mess it was to get off.
Because this is a table for my son. I wanted it to be filled with memories of he and his dad (my ex) who passed away last July. I added pictures to each window pane along with some grass and feathers. The pictures where hunting and fishing photos. Something he and his dad always did together. Once they were on I sealed them from the underside with Mod Podge Glue in high gloss.
Don't those colors look so pretty together and you can still see the wood grain through the Unicorn SPiT. Wait until you add your OIL based sealer... It's like magic!
Time to put the whole thing together with a little help from hubby. It wasn't an easy job. I decided I wanted Wood Timbers for legs to keep with the Rustic feel. And if you have ever worked with timbers, there is nothing square about them.
Here it is, all finished waiting for his owner to see it.
Done! And he loved it!!!
A closer look at the shelf. Unicorn SPiT Stain really knows how to work the wood and make it pop!!

Can't wait to do my next one. Like everything you do when it's your first time. It's a learning lesson and this project taught me a lot.

Most of all, the simplest ideas can turn into a Life Time of Memories.
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  • Kellie Williamson Kellie Williamson on Dec 12, 2015
    Great job! I really like this!

  • Josi Thomas Josi Thomas on Dec 12, 2015
    Thank you, it's a little busy but perfect for my son to remember his father by. That's what I was shooting for and it worked for him and he loved it!