Tray Tables Get a New Life

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3 Days

I had a set of tray table that were tired and beginning to look nasty. I decided to try and give them a new life rather than put them in the trash and buy new ones. I already had all the materials I needed so it didn't cost me a dime and I think they came out beautiful.

Tray tables

I didn't take a before picture (it would've been embarrassing to show what they looked like) but this is a picture of what they looked like at one time.

Prepping the tables

I cleaned the tables real well. First I took them apart and sanded. I painted a primer on the tables. While waiting for the primer to dry I panted the legs with black spray paint.

The table bottoms

I painted the table bottoms black to match the legs

The base coat

I chose a light cream color for the base coat

The marble effect

I used three different shades of grey. I already had two shades and added some of the cream paint to the darkest grey make a third shade. I added a little water to the paints so they wouldn't be to thick to drag the feather over the tables. I dipped a feather in each shade and dragged the feather over the dried cream paint to replicate the veins of marble. I added some thicker veins using a tiny pointed paint brush.

Sealing the table

I used a several coats of sealer to protect the table. The key to not having bubbles appear on the surface is to use a damp brush and not drag the brush across the can to wipe off the excess paint, brush the sealer in one direction. I didn't get a single bubble.

The table is on the legs

After the table was dry I put the table back together

Two of the completed tables

The lighting makes them look a little yellow but they are definitely cream

I'm in love

Like I said they look yellow in the picture but they are a cream color and I am in love with my tray tables. I am considering using this method to paint my bathroom vanity when I redo the bathroom.

Suggested materials:

  • Paint   (already had the paint)
  • Sealer   (already had the sealer)
  • Feathers   (thrift store)

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  • Irene Reimer Irene Reimer on Sep 28, 2020

    Great job! I like how they turned out. How did you get the shape of the new table top? In the first picture they are rectangular.

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    • Marie Marie on Oct 17, 2020

      Thank you