Ugly Brown Bookshelf Gets a Makeover

My roommate found a bookshelf in the hallway moving out of her old apartment. It was randomly left behind by somebody, and once I saw it...I understood why.
Luckily we're all easy going gals and aren't going to say no to free furniture. So for a year now it has been our trusty "throw all" area by our door. Shoes, keys, you name it this gal has done her job.
After all of the hard work she's put in, my roommate Gabby and I decided to give her a much needed makeover.
From an ugly duckling to a swan!
Here she is before. I'm not even sure what shade of brown to call this aside from UGHHH.
We decided to go with a cheery yellow to brighten up the space.
We didn't do any sanding and just jumped right in with the first coat.
And then the second. Already such a difference!
Then we decided to bust out the painters tape and add a fun geometric design on the sides.
We had some mint and white paint on hand and layered it on. Fingers crossed it turned out like we had envisioned!
Carefully peeling off the painters tape.
Look at that beauty! Gabby went in and touched up the little blips from post-painters tape peeling.
I'm totally obsessed with how the sides turned out!
Staring at the front we knew it needed a little something extra.
Luckily Gabby is a fantastic painter and free handed a pretty design at the base. I was SO impressed- I sat on the couch onlooking with popcorn and words of encouragement.
It's seriously like a brand new piece! I almost feel bad using this as a shoe shelf now.
I think I caught the painting furniture bug. Nothing in my apartment is safe now! *evil villain laugh*
I hope you guys enjoyed my makeover and Happy Fall Y'all! :D

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