Does anyone know how much I should ask for a triple dresser 45 years old? It is in great shape and has a matching mirro

Dixie furniture; classic; in great shape; has a matching mirror
q does anyone know how much i should ask for a triple dresser 45 years old it is in, painted furniture
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  • You may want to look on the local Craig's list for anything that is comparable. Another option would be to take some photos of both pieces and ask at any of the consignment shops. Spiffy Stuff is right up in Alpharetta along with a lot of other ones around town.

  • LandlightS LandlightS on Jan 14, 2012
    Try a few consignment shops. The Board of Trade in Roswell or there are a few at Antique Row in Chanblee. You may even try Queen of Hearts (? - I think) on Alpharetta Hwy ( just south of Windward Pky) They'll appraise it for you and for a commission, will sell it for you.

  • Camille S Camille S on Jan 14, 2012
    It is cherry wood and has dovetailed drawers.

  • This is vintage stuff, if you plan on selling as is, you not be able to get much from it, but if you work on it a bit and re-style it you may be able to get a min of $300 - $450 . Sheila is right when she says market it as a TV stand more than a dresser. You could also sell the mirror separately after working on it, sanding distressing etc You may get an additional 150 for the mirror. From my experience craiglist buyers are always looking for deals, and are not willing to pay a lot. I'd suggest you paint it, distress it and change the knobs and look how this thing will get the attention it needs,

  • Donna McCrummen Donna McCrummen on Feb 28, 2012
    I sell on CL a lot - most of the inquiries I get are folks looking to make low ball offers so I up price a bit - I agree with all. If it's solid wood with dove tail joints terrific put that in the ad even take a picture of the drawer joints. Are there markings on it? Manufacturers will usually put there stamps inside a top drawer or on the back. I don't know what sells down your way but up by me shabby chic done well flys out the door. Look at (and like) my facebook page some of my earlier work is on there. You will see what I've done with a few things. The painting isn't hard at all. Painted shabby chic I would market this as a credenza, buffet, dresser, sofa table...just throw ideas out there so potential buyers will go wow, I never thought of that. Email me about the paint and how to use it.

  • Gabriel D Gabriel D on Feb 29, 2012
    If you do decide to paint this ala shabby chic as per Shabby Daze's advice; once done you might consider setting it up against a nice wall and if you can find three framed paintings around the same size hang them above about 6 to 10 inches spanning the the length of the dresser. Then take a few photos and post them with the ad. If you have only two matching framed paintings or photography you can also place a mirror as the center one. Given the nice lines and detail such as dovetailed drawers and that it does look in wonderful shape you could list it in and around $300.-$350. If you paint it and style it as Shabby Daze suggests you can add $50- $100. If the ad costs nothing or a minimum amount you coulf first try selling it as is. If after several weeks you do not meet with success you could always try the paint application.

  • Rbr1152432 Rbr1152432 on Jan 20, 2015
    This is a Dixie "Riviera" triple dresser - My parents bought the dresser w/mirror / night stand and twin beds for $330 in 1966 - Talman Furniture Co Gordon St Atl

  • Eric Turner Eric Turner on Jan 29, 2015
    While not top of the line Dixie made quality furniture. Since painted furniture is the in thing right now you might get more for it if painted.