When you are not able to achieve the desired overall feeling in a space, take a closer look at each individual element. You will see what isn't working. If it is a piece of furniture, the answers are . . . replace, re-cover, re-purpose or re-finish them. In this case, the wall of stark white architectural elements dominated the room. While the options for a piece of furniture are clear, we shouldn't forget that there are SIMILAR options for cabinetry and architectural details. The easiest solutions involve faux finishes. Architectural details like bookcases and mantels are usually the largest item in a room. Most designers will address the impact that they make in a space that will complete the total look you want to achieve.
BEFORE. . . builder grade white bookcases and mantel.
COMPLETED! Notice how the same furniture was used yet the room appears warm and elegant.
A whole new look. A whole new feeling.
The mantel makes the artwork more of a focal point.
An "ebonized" faux finish on the mantel with crisp bronze highlights ties in perfectly with the painting hanging above.

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