How to Fold a Pillowcase Into an Envelope - Storage Hack

by Rohina

Fold pillowcases neatly and compactly to keep your linen closet organized and save space. In this step-by-step tutorial, I will guide you through the process, ensuring your pillowcase is neatly folded into a compact shape that's easy to store.

You won't need any special tools or equipment; all you need is your pillowcase and a flat surface. Let's get started!

Laying the pillowcase open

Step 1: Lay the Pillowcase Open

Lay your pillowcase flat on a clean, flat surface with the opening facing down. This is the starting position for the folding process.

Folding the bottom into a triangle

Step 2: Fold the Bottom Corners into a Triangle

Take one of the bottom corners of the pillowcase and fold it upwards towards the opposite top corner, creating a triangle shape. Ensure that the edges align neatly.

Folding the bottom corner

Step 3: Fold the Other Bottom Corner

Repeat the same process with the opposite bottom corner, so your pillowcase is now in the shape of a triangle.

Creating the envelope shape

Step 4: Create an Envelope Shape

Take the bottom corner of the triangle, fold it up towards the top, and do the same with the other corner. Your pillowcase will now look like an envelope, with an open end.

Folding the sides in lengthways

Step 5: Fold in the Sides Lengthwise

Fold in one edge of the envelope shape, about one inch inward lengthwise. Make sure it is neatly aligned. Repeat this step on the opposite side.

Folding the bottom half upwards

Step 6: Fold the Bottom Half Upwards

Now, fold up the bottom half of the envelope shape, approximately halfway up towards the top. This should result in a compact, square shape with the top flap of the envelope remaining out.

Tucking the flap in

Step 7: Tuck the Flap In

To keep everything securely in place, tuck the top flap of the envelope into the folds of the bottom half. This creates a neat and compact package, ready for storage.

Folding a pillowcase into an envelope
How to fold a pillowcase into an envelope

How to fold a pillowcase into an envelope

Congratulations! You have successfully folded your pillowcase neatly and compactly. This method not only helps you save space but also keeps your linen closet well-organized.

You can now stack your neatly folded pillowcases with ease, making them readily accessible when you need them. Leave me a comment and let me know if you love this folding method as much as I do. Happy organizing!

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  • George George on Dec 21, 2023
    Could you do the same with a flat sheet, and put the fitted sheet and pillowcases inside.
  • Lady Lady on Jan 19, 2024
    I'm just wondering are there any tricks for hand towels, regular bath towels ect...?
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  • Wandawoman Wandawoman on Dec 22, 2023
    Very nice!
  • Debby Debby on Dec 26, 2023
    Pillowcases take up so little room, but I will try this anyway; I like the look of the finished package.If there was just a way to cut back the puffiness of the unwieldy fitted sheet as it's folded.