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Brought to you by our friend Stacy Risenmay from Not JUST a Housewife:

Whether it is your entryway, in your kitchen, the hallways, or family room, we all need a place to drop our “stuff”. You know, car keys, purses, shoes, homework, and all the other things that can clutter up our lives if they don’t have a designated place. I am going to share some examples today of command centers.

A little while ago I added a wall next to my fridge to hide the ugly backing. I added a small command center to the side of it to help us stay organized. The awesome thing about command centers are that you can customize them to fit your needs. The two things we were really struggling with were getting the kids to do their chores, and paper clutter. We had a family meeting to discuss WHY we needed to have chores and do homework. We decided on a family motto. I had it printed over a photo of our home. I framed it and hung it on the top as a reminder. I also framed a list of their chores. I bought a magazine rack at IKEA and added the vinyl numbers. These keep our homework and other paper clutter organized and off of the kitchen counters. I also have a basket (not pictured) that goes on the floor that we put things in that need to be returned (ie: movies we borrowed from grandma, library books, toys friends left over, etc.).

The key to having your command center not look overwhelming and cluttered is a common theme or color palette.

If all you have is a little corner to spare then add a corner shelf, cork board, file racks, and you are good to go! I love the charging station too. That is such a good idea!
If you don’t have an entry and no space room in your kitchen, try by the stairs! I love the use of space there and how it seems to fit in seamlessly with the rest of the house. It looks like regular décor until you look a little longer and realize it is a command center. Adding regular décor along with your calendars, bulletin boards, etc.can help disguise it.

Command centers are a great way to stay organized and on top of your busy schedule. Decided what you need to include in your center and the best place for it to go in your home. Do you want a desk? A table? Maybe some hooks? Or just a gallery of things on the wall? Tie it all together with the colors used or some other theme. Make good use of space by going vertical. Incorporate other décor items so help it blend in with the rest of your home. Have fun with it and pretty soon you will be on your way to being better organized!

-Stacy Risenmay

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