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I really wanted to create a cute and functional command station in our office walk in closet. I liked the idea of being able to shut the door and hide the mess.

The main component to my command station for me was having a large calendar to keep any upcoming events, birthday, etc displayed. I knew I wanted something a smidge cuter than your average dry erase board …. So an acrylic calendar it was!

I took to the internet and immediately realized just how expensive these could be. Crate and Barrel had one for $80 and believe me , it was nothing special.

So as always the “I can make that” voice in my head sounded off. Here’s how I DIY’ed this for under $25.


  • 18x24 Acrylic sheet from Lowe’s
  • Family calendar vinyl SVG if you have a Cricut simply order a vinyl sticker from Etsy
  • Sign standoffs from Amazon - be sure you get the correct size you’d like. I went with the ones linked.


  • Drill and drill bit sized for the standoffs. You will also want a Phillips bit for the installation of the standoffs.

Alright, once you’ve got your supplies… you are ready to rock & roll.

I cut my SVG template on my Cricut onto black vinyl. I purchased the SVG for $1.00 off Etsy to avoid having to create my own. Once I weeded the image, I applied the clear transfer tape to make the application much easier. Then, I just guesstimated where I wanted the calendar, notes, and menu pieces and applied them using my Cricut smoothing tool.

if you don’t have a Cricut, this project is still ACHIEVEABLE. SImply order yourself a pre-cut calendar sticker from Etsy or draw one out on the acrylic using a paint marker.

Next, comes the fun part. Pre-drilling your holes for your sign standoffs. I used my drill and a drill bit that was about the same size as the stand-off bolts.

Before you just start drilling , I have a few suggestions and I am telling you these because as always I learned from making these mistakes.

  1. Measure about a full inch from your corner. If you drill too close to the edge, it can cause the acrylic to crack. Acrylic is thin and you want to be super careful. 2. Tape both sides of the acrylic where you plan to drill, this will help prevent blowout.
  2. See below for my major mess up. Thankfully the sign standoff hid most of this but I was a tad ticked off and may or may not said a few cuss words.

Once I slowed down and drilled much more cautiously, I had no other issues. After I finished pre-drilling… it was time to hang.

As always when hanging anything you’ll want to try to find studs and if not utilize drywall anchors ( the stand offs came with them). You’ll always want to ensure what your handing is level. I used my level and once I had it perfect, I used a marker to mark the circles I pre-drilled. That made installing the standoffs seamless.

This part was so easy, unscrew the bolt from the stand off base and drill the base into the wall. Then, you simply put the calendar over the bases and your holes should all be lined up and screw In the bolts. So easy and I love how stylish and modern they make the calendar look.

And there you have it, a simple and adorable DIY! I’m not sure what makes me happier about this project the affordability or the functionality. What do you think?!?

Check out my full video tutorial saved on my Instagram highlights. As always feel free to messsge me with any questions , comments , or suggestions!

happy DIY’ing!!

Xoxo, Morgan

Suggested materials:

  • Sign stand offs   (Amazon)
  • Vinyl calendar decal   (Etsy)
  • Acrylic sheet   (Lowe's)

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