I'd like ideas about organizing and painting the inside of a garage?

My garage needs sprucing-up. I want to add more organization and storage "on the cheap".
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  • Chubby58 Chubby58 on Jun 07, 2017
    Shelves on the wall, lots of shelves as not to use your floor space. A couple of the stand alone plastic shelves, they are pretty heavy duty at Lowes or HD. Another option that we use is the metal wire shelves, with the wheels on the bottom(pretty pricey) but worth it because you can move them around easily. Large hooks to hang stuff from the ceiling.

  • Scout garage sales and second hand stores, flea markets, free items for book shelves or anything that can be used for storage, an old dresser, anything. You can unify the space by painting. I was lucky, my garage already had some built in storage, but I added more using second hand pieces.

  • DealPoint Merrill DealPoint Merrill on Jun 07, 2017
    I just did this from Ikea. So, if you have one you can shop at, they have some amazing organization things that are perfect for a garage and closets. The photo shows modular framed see through baskets. I bought 6 of them, and used their shipping clamps to hold them all together. I like being able to see through them. Great for just about everything, and they're strong. They are in the warehouse DIY area.

  • Sno8050615 Sno8050615 on Jun 07, 2017
    Thanks, love the shelves! Wish they had another color, white gets pretty dingy. Thanks!

  • A A on Jun 08, 2017
    On one side we built shelves with 2x4s and scrap lumber. We also have the large rolling metal shelves and we put two of our workbenches on wheels as well. We don't normally park in the garage, but if we needed to get one car in, we can push everything to one side and it'll fit. We have 2 rolling carts and on rolling metal drawer unit (I'm an avid caster user). On the other side we have peg board and various hangers, hooks, etc. the edger, trimmer, fishing stuff and much more. My craft bench is at the front and is not movable, but it's also not in the way if we need to pull the car in. We also have an upright freezer in the garage/workshop. Any scrap lumber is, depending on size, in bins (on a rolling shelf unit), in Frankencart (also on wheels) or we longer pieces of lumber or other long things on the top of the shelves we built. I use large hooks that work on the metal shelving units to hang extension poles for the pressure washer, the shop vac hoses/tubes, etc. We also used some old cabinets that we replaced when we changed up the laundry room (I don't use the doors, they didn't work for our need).