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If you're wanting to make changes to your garage, you are sure to find some ideas you can use in this post. Here at Mother Daughter Projects, we just finished a literal floor to ceiling makeover of my (Vicki's) garage.

The best advice, if you are wanting to change your garage, is to first make a plan! Hometalk, Pinterest and blogs are great resources in coming up with a plan that's just right for your space and needs.

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Take a look at the video above to see how we made over my garage. Use the ideas to adapt to your own garage makeover.

This is where we started! Yikes! What a mess. The first order of business was to deal with all of this. Everything was sorted into one of four piles: keep, donate, trash, and sell. It probably took two weeks to finally clear out enough to get started.

We started with a plan. We first made a floor plan by measuring the space and creating a simple outline on paper. Then we sourced the various things we wanted to buy or build. Along the way we did have to make a few changes to the plan.

This Bosch laser measure helped to make accurate measurements of the room for our floor plan.

As you can see, there is nothing fancy about our floor plan, but it helped us to visualize what would and would not fit into the space.

We have made 15 videos about the makeover that you can access on YouTube for further information on the various aspects of the garage. We'd like to highlight a few of the items we used. Those tables are by Husky and they are adjustable height. At the lowest setting, we can sit at them like a table or in the taller setting, we can easily use them as workbenches. They are on wheels so we can move all around the garage and even outside when we want to sand.

This was the last thing we added to the garage. It's a ceiling mounted retractible extension cord. Although we have a lot of battery powered tools, we do have need for electrical power too. This makes it easy to access an extension cord when we need it.

The wood storage is all corralled into one corner. We can move a worktable to this space for easy access to the wood. Those are a couple of Wall Control panels that hold spray cans and a bit of outdoor equipment. Our miter saw is on a folding, rolling away cart which save space in the garage.

In the video, we point out this shade. It was custom ordered for the space from The Home Depot. The nice thing about ordering is we were able to order up to 10 free fabric samples from the Home Depot so we could determine which material and color would be best for the space before ordering.

More things on wheels! When we picked up this commercial sized trash can, we noticed they also sold a wheeled base for the can. The base locks into place making it very easy to move it to where you need it. Those little step stools are by Gorilla Ladder.

This is what that trash can wheeled dolly looks like in the store.

Those at just a few highlights in the garage makeover. Now for the ribbon cutting with comically large scissors!

All done! Everything now has a place. Bonus, I can even park my car in here when the tables are all nestled out of the way!

A full list of the product we used is on our website!

We even incorporated a little personality through the use of some sentimental objects. Just remember, it's your garage, your workspace---make it your own with the things that bring you joy!

Suggested materials:

  • Rubbermaid Brute trash can   (Amazon)
  • Rubbermaid container dolly   (Amazon)
  • Window Shade   (Amazon)
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