Who Else Wants One of the Greatest Garage Storage Ideas Ever?

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The clutter on my garage floor drives me nuts.
It's also the reason my car is parked on the driveway.
Sound familiar?
I found this awesome garage storage idea over on Family Handyman and decided to build it. It allows you to mount your stuff in totes on the garage ceiling.
So if you've got a ceiling in your garage, which you probably do (lol), I think you'll like this project.
I put together a video and some pictures to show you just how simple it is. Take a look at it because it might solve your problem.
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Home Repair Tuto
One of the greatest garage storage ideas ever
Build carriages from wood
Find your joists
Mount the carriages
Slide totes onto the carriage

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  • Cassie Perry Cassie Perry on Jun 30, 2015
    Great job. I have that issue, and I've always wanted to do it. I'll show the hubbs your completed one so he sees that it can be done!

  • VGMP VGMP on Aug 05, 2020

    This idea of getting things off the floor is great! Before installing anything onto your ceiling, however, be sure to check if you have engineered I-beams or engineered truss systems. (Most homes built after 2000 do.) If you attach anything to hang beneath them, the warranty on them is voided. They are not designed to support a suspended load. A stud finder won't indicate a difference, so you will have to take a look with a camera or know the type of construction during the building process. Unfortunately, many of these suspended-load manufacturers don't tell customers about this.