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I found a luggage rolling cart at the thrift store and I knew it would be a treasure to me!
Look for a luggage roller with nice size wheels and a good size deck  This luggage roller has both. I added one panel form some garden fencing ,as a better back to the cart, so things would not slide back. It is attached with some plastic coated wire  I put a piece of foam board behind it ,just so you can see it better. If you did not have the piece of fencing like I have, I would use wide pieces of elastic and just tie it in place.
Then I can just bungee card what ever I want to the home made utility cart I roll my cat into the vet I use a large clip and a bungee to attach the car carrier to the cart. You should see peoples faces when I just roll my cat into the vet. People always ask how did you do that..?
A bungee cord is used to hold this large plastic basket in place,  then just roll it around with garden tools inside, or pick up what ever you need to with it. Most of the time I use a large plastic box on the cart. I just thought the red of this one would show up better.
This bag of pet bedding or a bag of bark dust can go from the car to the back yard on this cart. I also bungee card a gallon bottle of weed killer on the cart and just roll around the heavy gallon as I spray the weed killer.
Next to the cart you will see what I use to attach thing to the cart Bungee cord, Carabineer and elastic.  The bungee cord I use will hold 30 to 40 pounds. Have fun, Grandma Angie

Suggested materials:

  • Luggage cart   (Good Will)
  • Carebeener/or big clip   (I got the large carabineer at Good Will)
  • Bungeecord
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  • Wendy Wendy on Jun 15, 2017
    Great ideas Angie! Thanks for sharing:)
  • Patty Anderson Patty Anderson on Sep 14, 2017
    Way to go, Granny! Perfect wisdom! As we get on in years, we find new ways to adapt to our still busy lifestyle. And to think I've been using the wheelbarrow all these years for this....(well, not the cat...) this is tons lighter than my wheelbarrow! Good job!