11 Smart Ways to Store Your Cleaning Supplies

Do you want to know what the biggest contradiction is? Disorganized cleaning supplies. How could the very things that keep your home neat and clean be in disarray themselves?! We’ve put together a list of Amazon products that’ll help get your clutter under control. Check them out!

Broom Holder

If you have cleaning supplies taking over your bathroom, kitchen, or garage, declutter them with this storage organization system. With multiple hooks and slots, tidy up your broom, mop, rake, and tools without taking up any floor space.

Sliding Basket Organizer

Organize any cabinet with this convenient sliding basket organizer. Its design makes it perfect for neatly storing your many cleaning supplies under your sink for easy access.

Dish Sponge Holder

Are you tired of finding your sponge left in the sink or just thrown onto your counter? Get yourself this ceramic sponge holder with a cut-out sponge slit so that there’s never an excuse to leave the sponge lying around anymore.

Dish Soap Dispenser

Make washing dishes a breeze with this dish soap dispenser. It’s designed with a sponge tray on top of a soap dispenser as a great space-saving solution that is suitable for your modern kitchen. This design makes it convenient to quickly squeeze the soap you need with one hand, making washing dishes much simpler!

Spiral Sink Organizer

Conveniently store your scrub brush or sponge in this spiral sink organizer. It can be used three different ways - vertically, horizontally, or on your sink ledge - and requires no tools or installation. Just stick it on with its suction cups, and it’ll be ready to use.

Spray Bottle Hanger

Free up precious cabinet space, and neatly store your spray bottles out of sight but within reach with these hangers. They’re simple to install on any smooth surface, leave no damage to your cabinets, and can be used again and again.

Toilet Brush and Holder Set

Get a deep clean in your toilet using this quick-drying, silicone toilet brush. With the long handles and bendable brush head, you can get into all the grooves without scratching your toilet bowl. Place it next to your toilet or affix it to your wall to save space.

Toilet Paper Holder

Hang your toilet paper in style. With its sleek and modern design, this stainless steel hanger will bring elegance and convenience to your bathroom by adding a privacy compartment to your toilet paper holder, perfect for storing your flushable wipes, feminine products, or other bathroom essentials.

Standing Paper Towel Holder

Keep your paper towels on a sleek, modern holder. With its one-handed design for fuss-free clean up, you could easily tear off a towel to quickly wipe up any spill.

Wearable Cleaning Caddy

Fully adjustable and flexible, this one-of-a-kind caddy organizer has a compartment for many of your cleaning supplies. No more running back and forth searching for cleaning products. Keep what you need together comfortably on your body while going about your cleaning.

Kitchen Towel Hooks

Put up new wall hooks for your dish towels. Simply hang your towel by pushing it into the towel holder, and remove it by pulling it out. With these unique hexagonal hooks, you won’t need to worry anymore about your towels slipping onto the floor.

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