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I am planning on creating a coffee bar in my dining area within the next year and I wanted a cute place to put my coffee mugs. With having little children I decided that I would want the coffee mugs to be on the wall where they wouldn't be able to touch them. So I was inspired to make this DIY wall hanging coffee mug holder.

Products needed to do project

I already had the stain, polyurethane, wood and screws on hand. The only thing I had to purchase for this project was the hooks. I got them off amazon, it was a 25 pack for $10 bucks. The color stain that I love and always use is Dark walnut.

Here is an up close photo of the hooks I used. They are matte black and they seem very sturdy.

Cutting and staining the wood

My cut list:

4 1x4's cut at 20 inches long

2 1x2s cut at 23 inches long

I cut, sanded and stained all the boards.


Its time to assemble the project now that the stain and everything is dry.

I took my 1x2s that I cut at 23 inches long and put them on a flat surface. I spaced them at about 11 inches wide. I then put two of the 1x4s that I cut at 20 inches on top of the 1x2s at the top and bottom and made sure to make it flush with the 1x2. I screwed them on from the backside with wood screws.

I then took the other 2 1x4s and spaced them in between the 1x4s I already screwed on. I made them all 3 inches apart and screwed them in from the back with wood screws.

Putting on hooks

Once I got the boards all screwed on and everything looked good to me it was time to put the hooks on. I honestly eyeballed it when I put the hooks on, I didn't measure it. I just put 3 hooks on each board and spaced them out to where it looked pretty good and straight and screwed them in. I used 12 hooks on this project.

Final step and product

The last step that I did after I got the hooks on was I took my sander and sanded the edges of the wood to give it more of a rustic look.

I am absolutely in love with the way that it turned out and I cant wait to get it on my wall and get the coffee station rolling.

I hope you all enjoyed this project as must as I did!

Suggested materials:

  • Stain   (home depot)
  • Hooks   (amazon)
  • Wood   (home depot)
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