DIY Tree Branch Mug Stand

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1 Hour
We saw this idea online and it turned out very easy to recreate. It is very useful and we love having it as a frame to our kitchen bar. Here is how we did it:
We measured the height of the room, knowing we would be better off finding a longer branch and cutting it down to fit. Then we went to the forest and looked for dead tree branches after a storm. We tried to find as straight a branch as possible. We looked funny walking back home with it :)
After we sawed it down to the length we wanted, at this stage it is a good idea to treat it with something, flaxseed oil was our best research find. The treating helps to kill any bugs that could still be living in it, since it is coming from outside in.
We sawed the natural branches coming off to appropriate lengths for our purpose- just make sure a mug can rest on it safely. You don't want to leave them very long or they get in the way. Also, we found sawing off the branches on the side you walk by helps prevent injuries to humans, and mugs being knocked off every single time someone walks by.
We also sawed a little groove, as pictured above, so that it would rest very tightly against our bar top.
We then screwed it to the bar top with a corner bracket using a power drill.
We wedged in this little wood circlet because of a miscalculation, but it turns out this thing is surprisingly sturdy! It never moves. And there you have it, it really opened up space in our cabinets!

Suggested materials:

  • Salvaged Tree Branch   (The forest)
  • Corner bracket
  • Screws
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