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Kitchen zone organizing will make all the difference in your life. But what exactly is kitchen zone organizing? It is breaking down your kitchen into work zones. Read more to see how this will make your day so much better.
Step 1: Where does a person begin when organizing their kitchen.  I would suggest beginning with thinking about your kitchen in compartments or spaces according to the task that you do the most.  Here are the zones I have in my kitchen.
Step 2: Baking Cooking Zone: When unpacking or rearranging your kitchen think about a cooking and/or baking zone.  My cooking/baking zone is right next to my oven.  I keep my spices, utensils, hot pads, pots and pan here.
Step 3: Cleaning zone: Here is another kitchen zone that revolved around something and that is the sink.  Think about what all you need to clean your dishes and kitchen. And store your dishes close to the sink for easy access.
Step 4: Coffee Zone: This zone is perfect for those early mornings. Place your coffee pot, coffee, sugar, and creamer on a board or tray. This tray makes it super easy because now all you have to do is pull out the tray and prepare your coffee.
Step 5: Breakfast Zone: I am not a morning person so in our house I needed everything to be in one place.  It also just happens I eat the same thing every morning and that is oatmeal.  So, here is my breakfast zone with oatmeal, and all the garnishments.  I also have pancake mix here, grits, tea and so on.  If you are not a morning person I would highly recommend this area to you too.  Also, this zone is close to the coffee zone.
Conclusion: Thankfully my kitchen is average in size so there are not too many steps to go from one area to another.  But in real large kitchens zones are very important.  It saves a great deal of time and energy.
Suggested materials:
  • Plastic and glass container   (Amazon)
  • Coffee pot   (Target)
  • Tray   (Target)
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