Organizing: Keeping Your Cookie Sheets and Muffin Pans Neat

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Tired of no place or how to store your cookie sheets, cooling racks and muffin pans? This organizing hack is so easy, you'll wonder why you never thought of it before!

let's get organized....

Empty out your cooking tins, baking sheets and muffin tins from your cabinet. Lay everything out on your floor.

Large plastic container with depth

Purchase or if you have a large deep plastic container will be perfect for this.

Check Dollar Store too. To save money.

Place plate rack inside of large plastic container in closet or pantry. You can find these type of dish racks at most home goods stores or the Dollar Store.

Stack with largest furthest from you to smallest in front.. So easy to access and everything stays upright and tidy.

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  • Mary Mary on Nov 03, 2016
    Love your idea! May I ask where you bought your container? I see that you bought the dish rack at Walmart, but was unsure if that was where you bought the container also. Thank you

    • Angie Wright Angie Wright on Nov 03, 2016
      Try dollar stores of a big lots if you have one

    • Marlene Matyevich Marlene Matyevich on Nov 03, 2016
      If you have the plate separater, why do you need the bin?

    • Vicky Vicky on Nov 03, 2016
      The bin makes it easier to keep them in place. In just the plate separator they could easily roll out the sides. Plus in my pantry that would be on the floor so I would need the bin to keep things clean.

    • Mary Mary on Nov 03, 2016
      Thank you Angie Wright. We have a Dollar Store, but no big lots. I don't recall ever seeing that size bin in our Dollar Store, but I will check there, and then maybe Walmart.

    • Angie Wright Angie Wright on Nov 03, 2016
      Dollar General also if you have one. We have a Big Lots here and I get my things there. ( Cheaper)

    • M. J. M. J. on Nov 03, 2016
      To answer a few of your questions. One I like the bin so everything stays in place and it keeps the trays from sliding. Two I bought both items at Walmart. Dollar store didn't have that size. Note: if you could find a cardboard box that size your could put the plate rack in it to save money. Hope this helps. M.j.

    • Mary Mary on Nov 04, 2016
      Thank you M.J. I currently have 1 regular sized cabinet, and a smaller cabinet, and also the drawer under my stove, as places to store all of the items you show in your pictures, plus a whole lot more. I also keep boxes around for those "just in case I need one", so that is a good idea... now to just see if they fit in the cabinets. I have a trip planned to Walmart, so I will definitely look for the bins there. Again, thank you! Mary

    • Ppo10883674 Ppo10883674 on Nov 04, 2016
      I like this as it saves valuable cabinet space. Everything is organized, clean and ready to go! Thank you.

    • Mart Mart on Nov 06, 2016
      What are the dimensions of the bin? Or do you just buy the plate rack and fit it to a bin? How about lids for pots and pans, this should work for those as well!

    • Jud7872415 Jud7872415 on Nov 09, 2016
      Try Dollar stores, their prices are reasonable.

    • Deborah Deborah on Apr 30, 2017
      Thank you so much! I have a similar problem with a rack for the lids that fit my pots and pans. It was annoying when I pulled one out, a couple would fall out of the rack. After seeing this very simple idea, I found the perfect plastic bin in my attic. Now I can just pull out the bin and select the lid that I need ! Thanks for such a simple but helpful idea!!

    • Kathy Bresson Kathy Bresson on Dec 14, 2017
      i used the rubbermaid jumbo magazine file. just set them in my cupboard. they store and organize the lids very well

  • Qui6910933 Qui6910933 on Nov 03, 2016
    How do you organize those plastic lids and containers all sizes

    • Spe11814103 Spe11814103 on Nov 03, 2016
      I put the lids on all of my plastic containers and store them that way. Yes, it takes up more space because they can't be nested, but I have a deep lower drawer to put them in. I never have to search for the right lid. I never put an unlidded container or a loose lid in this drawer. It's not going to win any decoratong contests but it saves me time and aggravation, and that means a lot to me.

    • Denise Camille Frye Denise Camille Frye on Nov 03, 2016
      You can still nest your containers. All the lids will stack on top.

    • Jil10753580 Jil10753580 on Nov 03, 2016
      I have a very deep ,drawer....I nest the containers then keep the lids upright either behind the square stack or, for me, beside the rectangle stack.

    • Maria Maria on Nov 03, 2016
      I nest the bowls and use an old freezer ice cube container to store lids upright; or just use any narrow rectangular box high enough to hold the lids. I reuse cheese containers to store leftovers.

    • Lea10012150 Lea10012150 on Nov 03, 2016
      Decorate some shoe boxes for the lids, they probably have high enough sides and you can stack lids from small to large same as containers.

    • Rosalie Grams Rosalie Grams on Nov 09, 2016
      I nest the containers and then stack the lids on the top. I put a rubber band around the whole thing so they stay together. I save rubber bands off of incoming mail, produce, etc to have various sizes available.

    • Carlee Liepke Carlee Liepke on Nov 15, 2016
      I nest the similar ones and put the lids on the bottom of each container and the ones that are odd I put the lid on the container

    • Spe11814103 Spe11814103 on Nov 16, 2016
      Whatever works for you is the best method.

    • Gabbie Brash Gabbie Brash on Nov 29, 2016
      I have glued the lids that can't be used on the box together to make another box . One on the bottom then two long ones one two side and two smaller ones one the two ends . Use plastic glue , works a treat.

    • Jeanne Blackwood Jeanne Blackwood on Nov 30, 2016
      Good ideas...all of them...however, I use shoe boxes for almost all of my organizations...cheaper and stores give them away...

    • Annwithane Shirley Annwithane Shirley on Nov 30, 2016
      I purchased set of Rubbermaid containers that despite their size have same size lid and they snap on to the underside of the container or to other lids so you can stack a set of lids with a set of containers on top. Or you can throw all the lids in a separate container since no matter which lid you grab , it will fit.

    • Donella Leeman Donella Leeman on Dec 07, 2016
      I used a large ceral box with the side cut out for the opening and tape all the other sides for more stability.Sits on the shelf by the containers.

    • Rrdjag Rrdjag on Jan 01, 2017
      I use glass storage containers mostly. The bowls nest and the lids I "file" in a dollar store plastic bin in the same cupboard. I have a deep drawer for plastics and periodically sort out odds and ends that don't match, (Where DO they go? Probably join the odd socks in some alternate universe.)

    • Trishpatsy Carrigan Trishpatsy Carrigan on Jan 01, 2017
      We have two plastic pull drawer bins one on top of each other on the counter. Tubs nest in the bottom one and lids in the top. Very easy and convenient

    • Sharon Depatie Sharon Depatie on Apr 22, 2017
      I store all plastic container lids in a decorated cereal box. Turn the box on it's side, tape both ends closed & cut sides to height you need. Cover with decorative paper if desired. It's cheap, fast, handy & fits conveniently in the cupboard beside my stacked plastic containers.

    • Eileen02035 Eileen02035 on May 24, 2017
      I put the covers on my plastic containers and store nested one another as the I have for storage are graduated sizes in the different shapes; square, round etc. I am going to do this idea for my baking sheets and pans, I won't be able to fit a plastic container but the rack will fit into my cabinet with ease. Great idea, thanks for sharing.

    • Eileen02035 Eileen02035 on May 24, 2017
      auto correct kills me .... grrrrr😑

  • Sharon Gowdy Gulledge Sharon Gowdy Gulledge on Nov 08, 2016
    Where do you store the plastic container?? Looks bulky

    • Elizabeth Johns Toth Elizabeth Johns Toth on Nov 09, 2016
      On the floor of the pantry

    • Stacie A Stacie A on Dec 08, 2016
      Where it is in the picture...the pantry floor..........

    • Pamela Scott Pamela Scott on Jan 01, 2017
      What if I don't have a pantry?

    • Darlene Schaar Crandall Darlene Schaar Crandall on Jan 01, 2017
      Easy.....Then put it elsewhere or find an idea that works for YOUR space. Not EVERY idea works for EVERYONE'S space.

    • Michele McGinty McHugh Michele McGinty McHugh on Jan 01, 2017
      In a closet or kitchen cabinet or wherever you store your things. If you don't have a a cupboard, then maybe this idea isn't suitable for you. It's just a suggestion.

    • Madeline Hodgdon Madeline Hodgdon on Jan 01, 2017
      You may not even have to use the storage container. Then you could fit it is the cabinet, maybe with some extra space!!!

    • Erin Erin on Jan 01, 2017
      I turned a closet into a pantry.

    • Judy R Gatewood Judy R Gatewood on Jan 08, 2017
      I am turning a coat closet between kitchen and dining room into a pantry. I have a small chest freezer in it am trying to finish it

    • Iris Lomnes Iris Lomnes on Jan 17, 2017
      I screwed the holding piece to the bottom of my tall, thin cupboard.

    • Bec6700165 Bec6700165 on Jan 17, 2017
      Just saw something on Pinterest yesterday using floor type magazine holder/basket for muffin tins and cookie sheets.

    • Peg Peg on Feb 05, 2017
      That sounds like a great idea. I have a magazine rack from the dark ages; it belongs in the dark so it's definitely going in my narrow pantry for cookie sheets and other "junk". I wanted to say other "crap" but realized how crappy it sounded 😊😊

    • Mun354006 Mun354006 on Mar 22, 2017
      in your ulitilty room

    • Penny Penny on Mar 22, 2017
      I agree the baskets look better than a plastic tote. However if you have the room for storage you can stack the totes with lids on them.

    • Candace Pope Candace Pope on Apr 01, 2017
      Stack in a corner, throw a pretty tablecloth over and add decorations. Works in an unused corner in the dining room, end of a hallway or even in the bedroom as a nightstand.

    • Sharon Depatie Sharon Depatie on Apr 22, 2017
      I attached the white rack to the bottom of the cupboard over my fridge - no plastic bin required. My last house, I attached the rack to the top shelf of 4 movable shelves in my pantry. You can make room with proper organizing.

    • Laura Whieldon Laura Whieldon on Apr 23, 2017
      Also no dining room

    • Laura Whieldon Laura Whieldon on Apr 23, 2017
      no utility either. Hall is tiny. No garage. Just two rooms down stairs.

  • Linda Moore Linda Moore on Nov 09, 2016
    Why bother with the plastic container?

    • Jan7028295 Jan7028295 on Nov 09, 2016
      it keeps the objects off the floor and dust free

    • Deb Deb on Nov 13, 2016
      ..and keeps other objects in the cabinet from 'bumping' into the trays and such, keeping them upright and aligned...

    • Dsmith316 Dsmith316 on Nov 13, 2016
      I have several deep cabinets and limited drawers. Plastic bins to fit the cabinets serve as drawers that can be pulled out and items stored. It has made such a difference in my cabinets

    • Lisa House Lisa House on Nov 24, 2016
      Saves my back from bending over and digging thru everything. We also have very narrow cabinets (had to be the idea of a man) and these types of pans stand up like this in these teenie tiny cabinets.

    • Gabbie Brash Gabbie Brash on Nov 29, 2016
      Easy to remove and clean the floor Then pop Back , great idea well done 😊

    • Mar188685 Mar188685 on Dec 01, 2016
      I use plastic bins for most things in my bottom cupboards. When you want something you just pull out the's just like the pullout drawers you can put into those bottom cabinets....much cheaper and does the same job. I also use the dividing stands which I found at the dollar store

    • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Dec 04, 2016
      I also use the larger storage containers to separate sizes of lids and containers, since I don't use the larger containers as often. I have deep cupboards and things get lost otherwise.

    • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Dec 04, 2016
      I also use the larger storage containers to separate sizes of lids and containers, since I don't use the larger containers as often. I have deep cupboards and things get lost otherwise.

    • Ragean Ragean on Jan 01, 2017
      I use plastic dishpans to organize, they don't take up as much space as the bigger bins and I can keep similar items together, one for pans with their own lids, one for plastic food storage w/their lids, mixing bowl w/measuring spoons and cups and similar items. That way I only have to pull out one pan and everything for that project is together. Jeanne M San Juan Capistrano, CA

    • NancyMaria NancyMaria on Jan 01, 2017
      If you can find a plastic container big enough to put a lid on, you could always decorate it and put it on top of the refrigerator.

    • Deniece Ricks Hopkins Deniece Ricks Hopkins on Jan 11, 2017
      Keeps the dog or cat from sleeping on them.

    • Texas Gal Texas Gal on Feb 14, 2017
      If you are using large plastic bins like the one used here, add inexpensive rollers to the bottom. I did on mine and only needs a light touch to move anywhere.

    • Ann Ann on Nov 11, 2017
      Rollers - good idea for lots of things!

  • Cindy Cindy on Jan 02, 2017
    Where can I get large pantry ??πŸ˜‰ LOL

    • Cheryl Cheryl on Jan 02, 2017
      Good question!!!

    • Cindy Cindy on Jan 11, 2017
      walmart :)

    • Carolyn Tucker Carolyn Tucker on Jan 12, 2017
      I could not fit that container in my cuboard

    • Sharon McGuire Sharon McGuire on Jan 16, 2017
      Tell me tell me!

    • Carol Heitmann Carol Heitmann on Mar 21, 2017
      i wish I had a pantry!!!

    • Cynthia Shapiro Cynthia Shapiro on Apr 01, 2017
      If I had a pantry, putting my pans away wouldn't be an issue.

    • Larry Nabors Larry Nabors on Apr 02, 2017
      My pantry is quite small

    • Christina Alderton Christina Alderton on Apr 21, 2017
      I couldn't afford the big wooden pantries I needed two . So we went to IKEA and bought two pine wardrobes put in shelves and painted them

    • Rose Thompson Rose Thompson on Apr 21, 2017
      I had the container like a plastic file box and just put all my lids in it without rack

    • Lin Lin on Apr 21, 2017
      With my 85 yr old Dad, I took an old TV armoire, removed the inside framework, and created a pantry. It was originally black lacquer with cherry doors. Dad also built the legs. Old armoire are really cheap at resale and thrift stores.

    • MD_CC MD_CC on Apr 22, 2017
      She also states " in a closet". Can be ANY closet because you don't need them everyday.

    • Bernice H Bernice H on Oct 30, 2018


  • Denahensley Denahensley on Apr 21, 2017
    where did u get the rack?

  • Brenda Martindale Brenda Martindale on Apr 22, 2017
    how much was that?

    • MD_CC MD_CC on Apr 22, 2017
      Says at the top $8

    • Stephen Shepard Stephen Shepard on Apr 23, 2017
      look in the clearance section at the container store! Often will find bins without lids for cheaper!

    • M. J. M. J. on May 23, 2017
      That's right . I hit clearance centers all the time.πŸ‘

    • M. J. M. J. on May 23, 2017
      That's right . I hit clearance centers all the time.πŸ‘

    • M. J. M. J. on May 23, 2017
      That's right . I hit clearance centers all the time.πŸ‘

    • M. J. M. J. on May 23, 2017
      That's right . I hit clearance centers all the time.πŸ‘

    • M. J. M. J. on May 23, 2017
      That's right . I hit clearance centers all the time.πŸ‘

    • M. J. M. J. on May 23, 2017
      That's right . I hit clearance centers all the time.πŸ‘

    • M. J. M. J. on May 23, 2017
      That's right . I hit clearance centers all the time.πŸ‘

    • M. J. M. J. on May 23, 2017
      Oops! Dollar tree

    • M. J. M. J. on May 23, 2017
      Oops! Dollar tree

  • Susan Hohenstein Rush Susan Hohenstein Rush on Apr 22, 2017
    Have done this for years in the cabinets above the oven using a similar rack. Stores cookies sheets, sheet cake pans, muffin tins, platters, trays. Did I miss mention of where the large tub was being stored?

  • Bde6919612 Bde6919612 on Apr 23, 2017
    Where did you store the large tub?

    • Stephen Shepard Stephen Shepard on Apr 23, 2017
      look in the clearance section at the container store! Often will find bins without lids for cheap!

    • Tanya Blake Tanya Blake on Apr 24, 2017
      You can use a cardboard box that they throw out at the supermarket or hardware store. Then you can cut it to fit your cupboard. You can use egg cartons as tray supports. Totally free πŸ˜€

    • Peggy Barrett Peggy Barrett on Apr 24, 2017
      I do this, however, I just put it inside one of my cabinets. Don't have to have a tub or box

  • Tracy Warren Tracy Warren on Apr 23, 2017
    What are the dimensions of the container ?

    • Country Girl Country Girl on Apr 23, 2017
      Measure your cabinet and purchase size necessary

    • Stephen Shepard Stephen Shepard on Apr 23, 2017
      look in the clearance section at the container store! Often will find bins without lids for cheap!

    • Mike Ball Mike Ball on Apr 24, 2017
      Really you don't need the container just the rack.

    • Linda Linda on Apr 25, 2017
      You also need to consider the dimensions of the bakeware you want to store. A bin that is 11" wide won't work for large cookie sheets that are 12-14" long unless you have room to stand them on end.

    • Janine Horn Janine Horn on Apr 30, 2017
      No thanks. Ours all fit in the bottom oven drawer nestled inside each other.

    • M. J. M. J. on May 02, 2017
      Your fortunate.πŸ‘

    • Rosemarie Mamoun Rosemarie Mamoun on May 04, 2017
      Mine are also in the bottom oven drawer

    • If in the bottom oven drawer, then where do you put the broiler pan?

    • Nancy Northrop Nancy Northrop on May 07, 2017
      I have therack without the bin on a lower cabinet shelf. The bin wouldn't fit.

    • The bottom oven door is actually a warming drawer not storage

    • Janet Burgess Martin Janet Burgess Martin on May 11, 2017
      Good idea! I have the perfect spot. Thanks

    • M. J. M. J. on May 20, 2017
      I love the convenience of the container and rack inside to keep it neat.

    • Pat Kellogg Lee Hibbard Pat Kellogg Lee Hibbard on May 22, 2017
      We did this with a pretty wicker basket and no plate rack. It's a great storage idea

    • Laura Siebrecht Laura Siebrecht on May 22, 2017
      I have a Cabinet above my top oven that is about 24" tall and 18" wide with about 5 or 6 build in vertical dividers from top to bottom so that's where I keep my cookie sheets, pizza pans and warranty papers on the appliances.

  • Pamela Jern Pamela Jern on Apr 24, 2017
    Where would that fit even?

    • Donna Carsten Donna Carsten on Apr 25, 2017
      I'm going to put it on the bottom of my pantry going to use a smaller one for my grocery bags

    • Diane Cobden Diane Cobden on Apr 26, 2017
      in the pantry as Donna says . I use a smaller one to hold all my sauce packets

    • Pauline Kobleur Pauline Kobleur on Apr 27, 2017
      Under sink area. All cleaning items are in pantry where children can 't get them. I use the plate holder for lids for pots and pans too.

    • Tami Stone Tami Stone on Apr 27, 2017
      I also use a smaller size, but I keep all the lids that come from all those plastic bowls in it. It's SO much easier than searching the kitchen for the right size lid.

    • M. J. M. J. on May 02, 2017
      I too use a smaller size for plastic containers.

    • Cam443 Cam443 on May 22, 2017
      I use this same idea, without the tub, in the bottom of my pantry as well.

  • Gkm22738697 Gkm22738697 on May 02, 2017
    Why not just put the wire rack in the cupboard and stand them in there. I do.

    • M. J. M. J. on May 02, 2017
      easier to keep clean and off floor.

    • Sandra Weiss Long Sandra Weiss Long on May 03, 2017
      I have a small walk-in pantry with small shelves. I do put the item that are on the floor of the pantry in totes to keep then cleaner. the rest are on the shelves in just the wire racks.

    • Donna Durnin Hebert Donna Durnin Hebert on May 03, 2017
      I have a a long runner rug on the floor of my pantry. I feel good about placing things in the floor of my pantry.

    • Denise Thompson Denise Thompson on May 11, 2017
      Great for those with limited cabinet space. Tub keeps it all clean.

    • Kathy Collins Kathy Collins on May 12, 2017
      Makes it easier to get them out the cabinet. You can just pull it out a little and get your pan. If you just used the rack then you'd have to reach to the back to get the ones on the back. Which gets a little harder the older you get.

    • Elizabeth Casey Elizabeth Casey on May 18, 2017
      I use a dish drainer for pan lids.

    • S S on May 22, 2017
      They don't stay even and get messy

    • Aba Aba on May 22, 2017
      My cabinet is poorly accessible, so items like these are on bottom shelf lying flat or in stove drawer. ; like this idea, if only I had a pantry!

    • Chris Chris on May 22, 2017
      My cupboards are not tall or deep enough to put baking pans in so this is the most perfect way. Just to be able to slide the tub in and out is worth the price of admission. Also I don't like using all my cupboard space for baking pans.

    • Del21481055 Del21481055 on May 22, 2017
      I have just used a cardboard box for years...I use one for all my plastic lids also! Works great!

    • Mat22286895 Mat22286895 on May 22, 2017
      We bought a 1/4 rack on Amazon that went into a corner of our shelf and holds 4 frying pans and lids.

    • Voncornelius Voncornelius on May 22, 2017
      If I can find a tub that fits inside my oven, I will try this. Small kitchen, not much storage space. Lids in a neat tub instead of being loose would make it easy to take out when I need to actually use the oven which I rarely do. I have a large toaster convection oven on counter so rarely use large oven.

    • Dawn Dawn on May 22, 2017
      Ladies, an oven drawer is NOT to be used for storage. Fire hazard. It's used as a warning drawer only according to manufacturer.

    • Cheryl Cheryl on May 22, 2017
      My stove has a drawer at the bottom that is NOT a warming drawer, but a STORAGE drawer.

    • Leann Orlando Leann Orlando on May 22, 2017
      I've been using my oven drawer for storage for 40 years---cookie sheets and baking pans are not goino to catch on fire. I wouldn't use it for anything flammable.

    • Maureen Paynter Maureen Paynter on May 22, 2017
      My Mom used the oven for storage and I can still remember what melted Tupperware smells like.

    • Donna Donna on May 22, 2017
      I've been storing my broiling pans in the oven drawer for years. They're fine.

    • Susan Susan on May 22, 2017
      Have used oven drawer for sheet pans & lids forever. Definitely don't store plastic!

    • You could just turn it the other way so the pans are easy to slide out. I use these racks for platters and cutting boards too! Love them!

    • V Valencia V Valencia on May 22, 2017
      I currently have one of these sorter things in a cabinet over my refrigerator. I can see how this could make these baking items more easily accessible. I usually have to get a stool to see what I am looking for.

    • Danielle Danielle on May 23, 2017
      A great majority of oven drawers are used for storage and have been for many, many years. If you really believe you're going set your baking pans on fire by storing them in there I have some stock in this bridge.....

    • Smb228 Smb228 on May 24, 2017
      The bottom drawers of some ovens are warming drawers. Others, like mine, are storage drawers. I store my baking dishes in it.

    • M. J. M. J. on May 27, 2017
      Someone just mentioned storing the rack on top of refrigerator. That too is a great idea if you have lack of space.

    • M. J. M. J. on May 27, 2017
      Someone just mentioned storing the rack on top of refrigerator. That too is a great idea if you have lack of space.

  • Karen Boyd Karen Boyd on May 22, 2017
    I keep my eyes open at garage sales, thrift shops, etc. for office supply sorters. I use them like the one in this DIY. I am not looking for one to hold some lids.

    • M. J. M. J. on May 24, 2017

    • M. J. M. J. on May 24, 2017

    • This is a great idea if you have room. My perfect solution is standing then up vertically under my sink. Works like a dream... Ty for sharing...

    • Karen Boyd Karen Boyd on May 31, 2017
      I have found them in many sizes. I have one that was made to hold vinyl records up inside and 7 " cabinet. It makes it so much easier than dragging all the pans out. I use it for cookie sheets and pizza pans. Thin stuff.

    • Jill Yurich Jill Yurich on Jun 04, 2017
      And these bins can always be stored in basements since many of the items are not used every day. (Besides, the exercise is good for us older gals. πŸ˜‰)

  • Str17348172 Str17348172 on May 22, 2017
    Am I supposed to keep this very large item in my kitchen?? I don't have that much room.....

    • Tanya Marks Tanya Marks on May 22, 2017
      It doesn't look like something you put out in your kitchen or in your kitchen cabinets. You could keep it in your basement or closet/pantry....or its just not a solution for you...

    • Anna Anna on May 22, 2017
      This is an awesome idea! But does seem ideal, in a pantry. However, those bins could be easily cut, a bit shorter, to fit in a bottom cupboard... and they would slide, in & out nicely:) You could finish the jagged, cut top, with a peice of aquarium tubeing, cut down the center, & poped over the edge. I've done it, it works:)

    • M. J. M. J. on May 23, 2017

    • Tamera Tamera on May 23, 2017
      I like the idea and appreciate that you shared it with us. I am so tired of seeing snarky comments by people who evidently enjoy making fun of others' ideas.

    • Jeani Miller Miner Jeani Miller Miner on May 23, 2017
      If you find the bin makes it too bulky or you don't have room, try using the rack she used on its own. Arrange it so the slots open toward you and you can slide the trays and tins in and out, negating the need for you to reach to the back. Sometimes one good idea sparks another.

    • M. J. M. J. on May 23, 2017
      Thank you for being so kind.😘M.j.

    • Jeani MIller Miner- A V-8 moment. Why didn't I think of that?!

    • Barb Barb on May 25, 2017
      didn't read anything snarky

    • Barbara Wheeler Barbara Wheeler on Jun 04, 2017
      I use an old magazine rack for storage of cookie sheets & muffin tins but the key is to have a place to store it.

    • M. J. M. J. on Jun 08, 2017
      I use the same concept in a small cupboard. U could easily put small cookie sheets or lids from pits in each separation.

    • Libby Libby on Jun 13, 2017
      Such a great idea M.J.! I wish I had more room to do this! My whole kitchen is the size of what some might call a pantry! LOL πŸ˜£πŸ˜‚

  • Brenda Bridgett Brenda Bridgett on May 29, 2017
    Nice idea but save the plastic storage bin and just stand them up in a smaller lower cabinet..They also remain clean inside the cabinet.

    • M. J. M. J. on May 29, 2017
      my bottom cabinets have pots in them.

    • Barbara Barbara on May 30, 2017
      Plus I have enough for two containers... those lower narrow cabinets aren't big enough. I use one for this and still could use two containers. And YES I realize I probably have to much. But I really use it

    • Mar1241077 Mar1241077 on Jun 12, 2017
      I dont know what kind of cabinets you people have, but it would take a huge one to fit those big cookie sheets in standing up. I dont have anything that big.

    • Kristy Flansburg Kristy Flansburg on Jun 13, 2017
      Then u have to. Find a place for bin..

    • Martha Scott Martha Scott on Jun 17, 2017
      I use the bin part, but if I stood them up they would be too tall for the lid. You would get much more in without the plate divider, IMO.

  • M. J. M. J. on Jun 12, 2017
    Oh no! How about a kitchen closet?

    • Tammy Sea Tammy Sea on Jun 13, 2017
      What does this mean? Build one? Use one? Not everyone has a "kitchen closet" (do you mean pantry?) in their home.

    • M. J. M. J. on Jun 13, 2017
      I meant do you have a kitchen closet that you could use for storage? Pantry would be fine too but it seemed as though you didn't have a pantry. If you have a closet with floor space I was suggesting you might be able to put the cookie sheets, trays on the floor using a similar plate rack. M.j

    • M. J. M. J. on Jun 13, 2017
      I meant do you have a kitchen closet that you could use for storage? Pantry would be fine too but it seemed as though you didn't have a pantry. If you have a closet with floor space I was suggesting you might be able to put the cookie sheets, trays on the floor using a similar plate rack. M.j

    • Mary Lawler Mary Lawler on Jun 18, 2017
      I did this using a sturdier plastic container turning it lengthwise and cutting and opening in 1 end. I placed it on the floor of my pantry and can reach most of the items; the ones I can't reach the tray slides out easily. Very organized and leaves more room for other kitchen necessities on shorter shelves.

    • Kate O'Brien Kate O'Brien on Jun 18, 2017
      I have gluten free tins and regular tins so there is a lot of reason to have multiples. I have a half shelf I need my cabinet so it may be tricky finding the right container. Thanks for the idea tho!

    • M. J. M. J. on Jun 18, 2017

  • Who needs three muffin tins, if you have no storage room? Sorry, usually not so negative. This is a bust for me. I live in a 1008 sq ft ranch with room in my tiny kitchen to store all these upright in a lower cabinet.

    • Kristin Colburn Kristin Colburn on Jun 28, 2017
      This may not work for everyone. There is no one master solution. It's a cool idea. If it works for you, great! If not, keep looking for something that will. No need for being rude about how many muffin tins someone has. These are just used as examples.

    • Refreshed Home Design Refreshed Home Design on Jun 28, 2017
      I think it is great align them all to the right so they touch the right wall creating more space on the left for your pie pans!

    • Refreshed Home Design Refreshed Home Design on Jun 28, 2017
      I do this to organize my pan lids in a lower cabinet. That little half shelf in lower cabinets works perfect for this.

    • Wandalee58 Wandalee58 on Jun 30, 2017
      When some of us bake for large families, kids and grandkids, we need lots of pans. Besides, it really doesn't take that much more space. The pans can even stack inside one another. The more the merrier!

    • Holly Brady Holly Brady on Jul 02, 2017
      They're different sizes - one is square for like brownies, one is for regular size muffins and last one is for minis.

  • Gillian Starchild Gillian Starchild on Jun 18, 2017
    Looks great but if you have a tiny kitchen it's just easiwe to store them in the oven. Takes up much less space

    • M. J. M. J. on Jun 18, 2017
      I understand. I just like a free oven. My mom stored hers in it and it was a pain when she baked. Finding a place to put them. My daughter has a large kitchen and stores her in the oven. Still a pain. I've had several kitchens ( moved a lot). Still never stored them in oven. Just me.

    • Ril26933612 Ril26933612 on Jul 01, 2017
      too true.

    • Mary McCool Mary McCool on Jul 01, 2017
      Store my pots and pans in the cabinets with the most used ones in front.

    • Brenda Griffith Brenda Griffith on Jul 05, 2017
      Now you have a small kitchen and you have to find a place for storage bin.

  • Donna Donna on Jun 19, 2017
    How big was the plastic bin?

  • Trevor Amber Trevor Amber on Jul 03, 2017
    "Tired of no place or how to store your cookie sheets, cooling racks and muffin pans?"

    That above is what it states....the article doesn't state its a space saver or that its a storage solution for a small kitchen.
    I LOVE the pan rack idea in the container! I have used containers but they were messy and all fell over! I'm going to be getting the pan racks now! Will be so nice to have them organized, easy to access and standing upright :)

    thank you for the great idea! ❀️

    • M. J. M. J. on Jul 03, 2017
      Quite honestly. I didn't think a small kitchen could use that size container. I was looking at the broad picture.

    • Tonia Joellenbeck Tonia Joellenbeck on Jul 09, 2017
      I use an old magazine holder.

    • Terri Gracey Buffa Terri Gracey Buffa on Jul 10, 2017
      I don't have a pantry like that or any space to store this

    • Sharon Riddle Sharon Riddle on Jul 22, 2017
      maybe under the sink?

    • Linda Brankley Linda Brankley on Aug 13, 2017
      I have no room to place a bin. No closet or pantry. Have always wishes I did. Good idea though.

    • Bernice H Bernice H on Oct 30, 2018

      Yes Trevor..that is what it states..good point! I like this idea! I have a drawer that is specifically for this but is so narrow I can hardly store anything in it. I like the bin idea because eventually something is going to slide out of order. Easy to pull out instead of bending. But if someone doesn’t have room...just keep the idea in mind,right? And there’s always room under MOST sinks. πŸ‘πŸ€—

  • Neal Kloiber Neal Kloiber on Jul 11, 2017
    If you have the plate separator Why do you need the bin?

    • M. J. M. J. on Jul 11, 2017
      To keep them contained and off the floor. They would likely slide to either side.

    • Winnie Gilmer Winnie Gilmer on Jul 18, 2017
      dont c use for separator

    • Shirley Paul Shirley Paul on Jul 21, 2017
      The reason for the container is, these are stored on the floor of her pantry. By putting in tub, easier to move for mopping the floor and getting to other items stored on floor. The plate separator is so each has a home and not just tossed in the tub. Organization at it best. This may not work for all people, but just a suggestion. It will not work for me, since I have a cabinet just for baking sheets, but a good idea for various cutting boards, pot lids, etc.

    • Carol Bailey Carol Bailey on Aug 09, 2017
      By them being in the container you could pull them out easier, I will do this. Thanks for the idea!

    • Marg Tietje Marg Tietje on Aug 11, 2017
      I use the same plate separator and have it on a shelf in the cupboard next to the stove works great