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Of course we all want the beautiful kitchen with the custom cabinets that has all the bells and whistles... sadly my 200 year old farmhouse is lacking just that. But, a few simple DIY upgrades can give cabinets that custom feel.

This project took only a few hours and was very affordable.

Before you even buy lumber or supplies for this project, be sure to take measurements of the cabinet you plan to install it in. You also want to see if your cabinet has a face frame or not; that can determine the thickness of boards you need to use.

My cabinet did have a face frame and to avoid hitting that , I decided to use the following materials:

  • 1 8' 2x4 (cut to your cabinet depth)
  • 1 piece of scrap plywood mine was 3/4" thick (at least 8 inches by your cabinet depth).
  • Drawer slides (length also based on your cabinet depth)
  • Heavy duty screw in hooks (Amazon has a ton of options)

The cuts for this project are all very simply and great if you are just starting out. My cabinet depth was 20 inches so I simply cut 3 pieces on my miter saw at 20 inches.

I then decided to sand everything down - that way I didn't have to try to get into the tight grooves after it was assembled.

I will say , you can also chose to stain at this time. I wanted to get it done and built quicker and opted to stain after assembly.


Once it is sanded/stained , it's time for what I'd say is the most complicated part of this project but If you pay careful attention and move slowly; it'll be a ok!

Open up the drawer slide pack you purchased (it should come with four pieces total).

I began with the center 2x4. This one will get a drawer slide bracket on each side of it. You want to make sure you install the slide the correct way and the slide on part flush with the top front of the 2x4. I used a small level to really ensure this was installed correctly.

You will flip that board over and install the opposing side slide bracket in the same way making sure the same open side is flush with the front of the 2x4.

Then it was time to install the stationary slides. These go onto the outer 2x4's. You want to again, make sure these are nice and level and flush with the front of the 2x/4 They will technically be on the "bottom" of your 2x4.

My biggest piece of advice for this part is to just keep making sure you are installing them properly and where they need to be installed.

Once everything is assembled, it should look similar to this.

After you have the basic structure complete, you will want to add wood glue to the 2 opposing 2x4 (top ones).

Then , you will get everything leveled and in place and attach the plywood. This plywood makes installing this under your countertop much easier.

After the wood glue dried, I went ahead and stained it. Once my stain was dried, I applied a first coat of water based polyurethane, lightly sanded and then applied a second coat.

Next, you will want to install the screw in hooks. I highly suggest pre-drilling a small pilot hole first. I spaced mine out about 3 inches apart. That was the spacing that worked for me and my pots.

Now that everything is assembled, we have to get it installed under the counter top. I am using my impact driver, a level , and my 1 1/4 inch wood screws.

Make sure your wood screws aren't too long - you don't want them poking out the good side of your countertop!

It was really fun (sarcasm) to scrunch my whole body into this cabinet but I worked through that and got everything squared up and as close to the front of the face plate as it could be. Screwed in. I used 6 screws total (3 on each side). You can also add an L shaped bracket to attach the plywood to your cabinet; I chose not too because I was screwing right into wood butcher block and it felt very strong.

and there you have it. Affordable, functional & organized.

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  • Dorene Dorene on Mar 09, 2022

    You done good in putting that project together great job. Why do you need that many fry pans I only have 4 of all different sizes and in all my cooking never needed more than that. I stack them in a drawer and they don't take up much space. Thanks anyway.

  • Deanna Deanna on Mar 09, 2022

    Where do you put the lids?

  • Sherry Miller Sherry Miller on Mar 10, 2022

    I think this is a great idea but as a lady alone I do not have the tools or the no how that you have.

    I would like to do this in my cabinet but it would need to be easier for me.

    Would this be posable by using just one slide attached to the cabinet ( facing down)using glue? There is a glue that holds cinder blocks together. I could then glue a 1x1 to the slide and add the hooks. My skillets are not heavy. I would then have an extra slide to use in another cabinet.

    Please tell me what you think. I am 74 years old.

    Thank you


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  • JesseC JesseC on Mar 16, 2022

    Awesome idea! By the way I have the same amount of frying/Omelette/egg pans.

  • DBCervi DBCervi on Mar 30, 2022

    Great idea. I have my Grannies iron pans and my nonstick pans. I use them almost every day. Makes the best cornbread and dutch babies. Thank you.