Simple Zero Cost Paper Towel Rack

2 Materials
5 Minutes
I don't have a lot of counter space in my small kitchen and was looking for a paper towel dispenser that wouldn't take up any room. This is a simple solution that cost me no money to make.
Step 1: You will need a wire hanger and a pair of pliers

Cut the bottom edge of the hanger in half, this will take a little elbow grease if your pliers aren't sharpened.
Step 2: (Optional)

Bend the top part of the hanger into a loop with your pliers. This will be where you'll be hanging the rack from. I made a small loop and trimmed the extra wire.

*If you don't mind the look of the hanger hook than you can skip this part
Step 3:
Bend the bottom of the hanger back on itself.

I bent half of each side of the snipped bottom in on itself. This makes the wire stronger so it will hold the roll and keep it from shifting.

Step 4:
Shape your wire to be more rounded along the sides of the hanger so it will look more aesthetic and even. Get rid of the classic corners of a hanger.
Step 5:
Slip the paper towel roll onto one side of the hanger bottom then add the second side. It will sit securely and won't fall off.

It's really that easy!

Hang it from a nail or a hook either inside of a cabinet door or on the wall.

Want to make it more interesting?
  1. You can try painting it a fun color
  2. Wrap it in yarn or fun string
  3. Add plastic flowers to the exposed wires
  4. This is also great for camping or to hang somewhere in your car
  5. Can be adapted for toilet paper rolls too

Have some other fun suggestions?

Suggested materials:
  • Wire Hanger
  • Pliers
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2 of 3 comments
  • Kathy Jo Kathy Jo on May 30, 2020

    wow....i really like the idea i have small kitchen no cabnit space

    worked perfect i just used a hook under the cabinet an hooked it

  • J. E. Williams J. E. Williams on Sep 06, 2020

    Something my mother would do when we went camping. Great idea for small places.