14 BBQ Accessories You Definitely Need This Season

Gear up for barbeque season - summer is here! Let the delicious smells of your barbeque waft through the air as you enhance your meal with these useful accessories. Check out the products that we’ve gathered for you!

Basting Mops

Baste your turkey, brisket, ribs, or roast with ease with these adorable little mops. Slather on enough sauce to get the grilling job done quickly. You could designate one for basting and one for cleaning, or do with them as you please.

Meat Shredder Claws

Shred your meat Wolverine-style in seconds with these fun, bright red ultra-sharp claws. They also make lifting and transferring hot and heavy foods easier and can quickly toss your delicate garden salad. And the best part is that you could just throw them in the dishwasher when you’re done using them for a quick and thorough clean.

Grill Light

Shed some light on your meal this summer. This bright, weather-resistant grill light lets you BBQ at night, taking the guesswork out of your outdoor cuisine so you could see what's ready and what needs more time on the grill.

Grill Wrangler

Get yourself this super cool 3-in-1 BBQ tool. With a simple slide-n-lock mechanism, this handy tool transforms into tongs, a spatula, or a grilling fork to fit your needs.

Electric Fire Starter

Light up your grill in 60 seconds with this electric fire starter. With its chemical-free, super heated air, it’ll safely get you that perfect smoldering glow in no time.

Smoker Box

Unleash your inner grill master with this wood smoker box. With its hinged lid for easy access and large wood chip capacity, you will get perfectly smoked meat every time.

Flexible Grilling Skewer

Grill your chicken and veggies on these flexible cable-style skewers. You could put twice as much food on each skewer, while maximizing your available grill space. Their innovative stainless steel design stays cool, allowing you to turn or remove food from the grill without using tools or burning your fingers.

Quesadilla Basket

Cooking delicious quesadillas is easy and mess-free with this grilling basket. Simply place the quesadilla on the basket, fold the lid over, and then lock the grill grate to keep the food contained and secure, ensuring that the ingredients won't fall through the grates on your grill.

Oven Mitts

Protect your hands this BBQ season. Made with cut-resistant fiber, these gloves allow you to work with knives or sharp utensils without the fear of hurting yourself, and the extra long cuff offers more coverage and protects your forearms when reaching deep into your oven or grill.

Bacon Grilling Rack

Bacon on the grill - what could be better? Keep your kitchen free of splattered bacon grease while still getting the crispy results you know and love. This grilling rack catches drippy grease to prevent flare-ups and is easy to clean.

Himalayan Salt Cooking Block

Add extra sizzling salty flavor to all your meals with this Himalayan salt block. Infuse unparalleled flavor into your food, and impress your guests and yourself with this all-natural serving dish.

S’mores Maker

Easily and securely stack graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows in this s’mores maker for the perfect treat in just five minutes. There’s no need to wait for a summer campfire to enjoy yummy s’mores. Use the s’mores maker in your oven or on your grill to be able to enjoy s’mores year-round.

Mesh Screen Food Tents

Take out these little tents during your barbeques to conveniently keep bugs away from your food and drinks while keeping them well-ventilated. These sturdy tents are easy to clean and perfect for any outdoor dining experience, allowing you to enjoy your meal pest-free.

Vegetable Basket

Grilled vegetables are delicious, but it’s so disappointing when half of them fall through the grates on your grill, turning them into ashes. Prevent this from happening by using a sturdy, stainless steel basket that’ll ensure you get your share of nutritious veggies with the same delicious, grilled flavor.

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