How to Organize Shoes

Not sure how to organize the piles of shoes at the entrance to your home or in your rooms? We've got answers, idea, and tips for DIY shoe organization here. Check out our discussion boards, DIY video tutorials, and slideshows to get a plan for your own home's shoe organization. Happy organizing!

Find the Right Shoes Easily

Sort by type of shoe

Arrange your footwear by category first. It is then a lot easier to find the right storage solution for each style.

Add an over-door organizer

You can use the space behind your door to hang your shoes neatly. Make your own hanging shoe organizer or look for a pre-made model.

Make cubby holes for shoes

Don’t let messy shoes spread out over the room. By making cubby holes, you can neatly store each pair of shoes in their own area.

Hide out-of-season shoes

You don’t need to leave all your footwear out in plain sight all year. Put away any shoes that are out of season until you need them.

Slide them into place

Try a sliding shoe container or shelf for an easier life. This keeps your footwear out of sight, but still easy to access.

Top Projects for Organizing Shoes

Here are our top shoe organization projects. Keep your shoe collection in shape.

Shoe Organization Videos

DIY video tutorials on how to organize your shoes. Get ready to be impressed.

Tension Rod Shoe Storage

Shoe lover? I certainly am, but living in Brooklyn with limited space can sometimes cause chaos in the closet. An easy way to organize your shoes is with some tension rods! Tension rods are honestly a staple in organization these days and this hack is no exception. By simply installing some tension rods in your closet you can rest your shoes in an orderly fashion easily. If you need to organize your entire closet, join our online workshop, where you'll learn all the techniques to make your closet a sanctuary :)

DIY PVC Pipe Organizer for Your Shoes

Shoe clutter has always been a problem that haunts our entryway. Between everyone's everyday shoes, sports shoes, boots, and leisure shoes, there's barely any floor space!I'm always on the hunt for creative ways to stow clutter, so after the last time I tripped walking in the door, the wheels in my head started turning on turbo. What I came up with is an easy, affordable, and attractive enough way to store shoes, while keeping them easily accessible—using PVC pipes!Learn tons of other hacks to an organized closet, by joining our organizing workshop! Registration ends May 15th, so hurry!

Build a Stylish Shoe Rack

Shoes, shoes everywhere and not a pair to wear. In my house shoes are the hardest things to wrangle up. The minute we have to leave the house, my kids announce that they don’t know where their shoes are and scurry around trying to find them. To solve this problem I decided to make a shoe rack with enough space for all the shoes we most commonly wear.

DIY: Shoe Storage From Pallet Wood And Stones

In this post I will show you, how I made a shoe storage from pallet wood and river stones.It’s very simple and easy to make this shoe storage, but at the same time it looks very unique and cozy. How I did it - you can check by looking DIY video or you can follow up instructions bellow.

New Shoe Organizing Projects

Need some new shoe organization ideas? We'll have you up and running fast.