15 Storage Container Ideas Under $10

Make an affordable container without burning money!

Wrap Tin Cans In Scrap Paper

Cover the scrap paper in varnish to prevent staining, and adhere on the can with adhesive spray.

See more: DIY Tin Can Containers and Organizers by Happyhappynester

Cut Up Your Coffee Creamer

Give the bottle a good rinse and take off the label, then funnel in snacks, and label.

See more: Coffee Mate Kitchen Storage Containers by Jordan Britt

Clean Out Your Sour Cream Cup

Wash out the traces of leftover sour cream, and fill with pens or markers.

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Rub Vinyl Letters On Glass Jars

Simply label the item you put in each glass jar with vinyl lettering.

See more: Kitchen Organization With Pantry Storage Jars by Dawn @ Creative Cain Cabin

Wrap Your Tic Tac Container In Washi Tape

Spray paint the top of the container metallic finish and wrap in decorative washi tape.

See more: Repurposed Tic-Tac Container by Rob & Courtney M, Hometalk Team

Snip Your Milk Jugs Into Snack Holders

Mark milk jugs in a curved pattern with a sharpie, then cut and bend to shape.

See more: Milk Jug Containers by Rob & Courtney M, Hometalk Team

Pop The Top Off A Soda Bottle

Chop off the top of the bottle, cover in pretty fabric, and flip the fabric upward.

See more: Soda Bottle Carry-Alls by Nancy at Craft Your Happiness

Join 2 Water Bottles Together With A Zipper

Cut 2 bottle of water in half, and hot glue a zipper around the cut lines joining the bottle together.

See more: Zipper Pouch by Ariel

Spray Paint Bottles Metallic

Use an x-acto knife to carefully cut off the top, then use tape to mark down where you will spray metallic.

See more: Contemporary Kitchen Craft Containers by Nancy at Craft Your Happiness

Switch Your Popcorn Tin Into A Food Container

Begin by wrapping up in decorative duct tape and label on the top with scrapbook lettering.

See more: Popcorn Tins to Pet Food Storage! by Hannah V

Make A Pringles Bottle Hold Bags Or Pads

Use a regular sized Pringles jar for organizing plastic bags or cut at the bottom of the smaller bottle for a cotton pad dispenser.

See more: 4 Pringles Can Hacks by Kara S.

Roll Cloth On A Paper Roll

Measure out the size you desire, cut off the excess, and wrap with hot glue.

See more: DIY Plastic Bag Holder by Troom Troom

Reuse Prescription Bottles For Seeds

Simply clean out the container and label for each type of seed you’ll place inside.

See more: Easy DIY Seed Containers by Tammy - My Life Abundant

Upcycle A Floss Container Into A Sewing Kit

Store your thread and a needle all in one convenient spot - already contains a built in 'thread' cutter.

See more: Dental Floss Sewing Kit Hack by Birdz of a Feather

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