15 Ways to Upcycle a Pillowcase

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We are in the middle of a move and have unearthed dozens of old pillowcases. My husband asked me whether he should toss them and I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. While we have zero use for them now, I just knew that they must be able to be used for something, or I could at least salvage some of the fabrics for a different project.
I did some digging around and here is a lit of 15 fantastic ways to up cycle an old pillowcase! I will definitely be making many of these soon.
1. Pillowcase Garment Bag- Use pillowcase garment bags as extra closet organizers. Drape pillowcases on hangers over occasional-use items, such as throws, seasonal bedding, and formal dresses. Check it out.
2. Kids Art Smock- Let the kids have fun and don’t worry about ruining their outfit. Turn a pillowcase into an art smock with this simple tutorial.
3. Sleep Mat- Whether you plan on having lots of company and have few beds, or your kids have sleepovers often, these simple sleep mats are just what you need! This simple tutorialshows you how it’s done.
4. Hanger Covers- This project shows you how to make cute covers for old hangers. They are perfect for use with delicate outfits such as knits and dresses.
5. Pillowcase Dresses- What little girl wouldn’t look absolutely adorable in one of these! Check them out here.
6. Shoe Cleaning Bag- If you have a pair of sneakers that need to be washed, toss them in an old pillowcase and put them in the washing machine for a gentle cycle. The pillowcase protects both the shoe and the laces from any damage.
7. Road Trip Pillow Cases- This is such a cute idea. Turn a regular pillowcase into the perfect pillow tote for all of your travel must haves. Learn more here.
Visit the full post for direct links and full tutorials! http://rethinksimple.com/diy/15-ways-to-upcycle-a-pillowcase/
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  • Carole Carole on Nov 11, 2014
    You can use these as a tea bag to put your garden weeds in. Fill a bin with water, add weeds to the pillow case, steep the 'weed tea bag' in the water - ensure it is fully submerged, you will need to tie the top of the pillow case, and leave for about 4 weeks. It will make a good liquid fertilizer for the garden. Dilute the weed tea one part weed tea to 10 parts water and water the garden with it. All the goodness that the weeds stole from your garden will go back to nurture your plants. You will need to keep a cover on the bin though as this brew will be a bit smelly. Then the drowned weeds which should be like a brown mush by this time can be tipped onto your compost bin or pile.

  • Barb Barb on Aug 30, 2015
    Lots of very easy directions on Pinterest for making little girls pillowcase dresses or nightgowns.