I had a couple of wine boxes that I didn't want to throw away because they were so sturdy. This idea came about by accident actually because one of the boxes ended up where I unpack groceries. I just stuffed a plastic grocery bag in the top hole of the wine box to get it out of my way. Gravity did it's job and the bag fell to the bottom where I saw it poking out the hole at the bottom where the spigot was. Pulled it out and Voila! Sparked me a new idea and project. I've made several of these for gifts. It fits just about anywhere and keeps those bags contained. It holds tons of 'em! When you put the bags in one at a time, they come out one at a time every time! p.s. I covered them with a generic contac paper I already had and used cards and magazine pictures for decoration. I then covered the entire thing with shipping tape! Very easy!

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  • Robin F Robin F on Sep 01, 2012
    Photo taken off the Poop deck or as Cap'n calls it the 'aft' Me being the Giligan that I am...I just love to not have to think about it which end I'm on ~<|;-D

  • Z Z on Sep 01, 2012
    That will be me. Or I'll say drivers side, front or back of the boat. LOL I didn't remember the drivers side being on the "British side of the boat.