Coat or Towel Hanger.

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Picture this in your entry way or outdoor near your pool. And it’s so easy to make! Living ocean side gives me the opportunity to volunteer for our local sea turtle patrol. We locate nests and then care for the nests until the baby turtles “boil” out and make their way to the ocean. We love our sea turtles but who doesn’t! These sea turtle knobs inspired this piece.

Let’s get started!


I got a rather long piece of wood from my wood pile. Construction sites are a great place to find wood. Paint, polycrylic, sand paper block, wood glue, painters tape, d-hooks, round wood pieces and sea turtle knobs is all you need.

White and grey

White and grey seems to be a very neutral beachy color combination. First I painted the board white on all sides. I wanted to add stripes so I used painters tape. Sometimes I use a tennis ball to make sure the tape edges are smooshed down really really good.

Lookin good.

i usually peel off the tape slowly and carefully while the paint is still a little bit wet. If it pulls up some of the paint or if any of the color seeped under the painters tape, I would just do some touchups.

Dry brush.

I like to give my pieces a little something extra. I found some really light grey paint and with a chip brush I added some extra color. I just tip the end of the brush in the paint and then offload most of it onto a paper towel or paper plate. Then I lightly add strokes of paint left to right. Just enough to make a difference. Not too much.


I found these round wooden discs at hobby lobby and thought they would help to make the white sea turtle knobs pop. I added the light gray dry brush technique to them as well.

Something extra

I measured to see where each disc belonged. I used a piece of painters tape to save the position. Before adding them I brushed on two coats of polycrylic to the entire project to add protection. Especially if you’re going to use this for wet beach towels. I glued them on with wood glue.

Finishing up

Using a drill I installed these super cute knobs. To finish this item I added D hooks to the backside on both ends. This is a pretty easy project to make.

Sitting pretty

The knob will serve as a hook. How stinkin’ cute!

Check them out.

Here’s a close up.


How long you want your piece to be is up to you. I used four knobs but you can just as easily use more or less.


And there you have it! The sea turtles inspired this piece. But just think of all the possibilities. Whether you’re home decor is beach decor, farmhouse, shabby chic, or anything in between… I promise you there is a decorative knob out there that will match your desired look.

Have fun and let me know if you have questions.

Suggested materials:

  • Wood   (Leftover)
  • Round wood   (Hobby lobby)
  • Knobs   (Hobby Lobby)
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  • William William on Sep 29, 2021

    So cute. Love the idea of using the discs. Gives the coat hanger another level of OOMPH! Have you thought of giving the turtles a white wash of sea green or aqua and wipe off so the paint gets into the crevices.

    • Lauraleedaydreams Lauraleedaydreams on Oct 02, 2021

      Thanks. I love love love your idea. Will do that on my next sea turtle knob project for sure.

  • Marti V Marti V on Oct 08, 2021

    This is so pretty! I’m going to use this and add elements to fit my decor! Such a great idea!