I Spy a Potential Makeover Using Paint And Hooks.

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I really enjoy thrifting and makeovers. I usually look for something made out of wood. This little number caught my eye for the perfect beach house project. Swimming, sand and beach towels doesn’t end with summer in the south!

Abby looks over our next project.

As you can see, this is a small wall shelf. Paint, wording and a few hooks will give it a new purpose.


Here is a line up of the supplies needed for this project. I washed the shelf first and made sure it was totally dry before beginning. Then I sanded any rough edges using a sanding block.

White paint
Base coat

I put on a nice base coat of white paint. I wanted to make sure that the final color had the chance to look it’s best.

Oh no!

I discovered that one of the edges was in bad shape. It appears that this is made out of mdf wood. I would have never guessed. Mdf is engineered fiber board which is nice and smooth but doesn’t do well with moisture. The washing and sanding made this really rough edge that needed attention.

BTW, the shelf is propped up on an upside down cardboard beverage holder to make it easier to paint!

Repairing the edge
Add some wood filler

After the base coat I could see that the rough edge needed more attention. I slapped on some Elmers wood filler according to the instructions on the container.

Sand down the repair.

After drying a few hours I sanded it for a perfectly smooth edge. I painted it with the white paint and felt very happy with the results.

Handsome hanging holes
Paint the backside and all the in between spots.

Because of the way the shelf is made its is a little difficult to paint in between the slats. So I just use the smaller brush and made sure to get it all. Then I painted the entire piece with a beachy blue.

Silhouette Cameo software program
Design the stencil.

I used my Silhouette Cameo computer software program to design the stencil. The extra T helps me to line up the wording in one straight line.

Silhouette cutting machine
Cut the stencil

I like using a stencil to add words. There are other techniques you can use including freehand. I added the stencil and carefully added white paint with a relatively dry stencil foam brush.

Added stripes
Use painters tape to add stripes.

I felt it needed a little more to jazz it up so I decided to add one thick stripe on both sides. Next I finished with two good coats of Mod Podge to seal it from any outdoor elements. Then I screwed on four hooks that transformed this shelf into its new purpose...a place to hang your beach towels.


You can use the shelf to hold a can of suntan lotion!

Beachy results.

It’s done and ready for the consignment shop to hopefully find it’s way to it’s new forever home. Perfect for that beach house porch!

Suggested materials:

  • Wall shelf   (Yard sale)
  • Paint   (Michael’s)
  • Wood filler   (Amazon)
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